How to Use On-Site Survey to Ensure a Happy Guest

Most anyone you talk to will say they are ready to travel and venture outside the confines of their own home. The novelty of baking has worn off, the puzzles have all been done, and there aren’t anymore shows to binge watch. Vaccines are in full force and we are seeing positive pandemic news. It’s finally time to travel! After months of strict travel restrictions, lockdown, and closures, hotels are welcoming guests back with open arms…and a smarter guest experience. Guest expectations are the highest they’ve ever been with cleaning and safety standards, personalized service but with less close contact, and ultimately a five star experience. 

Hoteliers worldwide are prioritizing different methods to interact with their guests and ensure comfort and safety. Collecting feedback and acting on it should always be a top priority. What better way to achieve this than when your guests are still on your property. An on-site survey allows you to ask and gather feedback in real-time. By doing this, you can proactively address any issues that the guest may be experiencing and quickly fix them. This can help decrease the chances of getting a negative review post-stay. But don’t forget that positive feedback is just as important to capture. Perhaps your guests are beyond satisfied during their stay and are enthusiastic to provide great feedback. Future guests are doing their research and positive feedback leads to more bookings. The point is, collecting feedback from your guests in real-time is smart and carries many benefits including quick service recovery, helps future guests make a booking decision, and ensures you are meeting the needs of your guests during their stay.

TrustYou is all about learning through data. Our collected data shows that on-site surveys are on the rise and the average scores are higher than post-stay feedback (87 on-site compared to 83.5 post-stay). So how do you collect this feedback mid-stay? It’s simple: make it easy. QR codes can be printed on room keys or on other materials in guests rooms or placed in strategic areas around the property. You can send a URL link via text message or when the guest connects to WiFi. We all know the saying, “Ask and you shall receive” and this is often the best way to give your guests the opportunity to provide valuable feedback. 

Live Survey 1

Trends come and go in hospitality but building a loyal relationship with your guests is not something that will fade. Choosing to implement a tool like TrustYou’s Live Experience including an on-site survey means investing in your reputation, which is crucial within the current hospitality market environment. Guests will see that you are serious about standards across the board and that you take their feedback seriously. Travelers have many choices and you want to stay ahead of your competition now while the market reopening offers a new opportunity for taking the lead. Impress your guests with the power to listen and provide them with a platform to provide their honest feedback.