5 Examples of Hotel Managers Responding to Reviews Like Stars

If addressing guest feedback keeps you up at night, why not get inspiration from some of the best? Here are five examples of hotel managers responding to reviews like stars. 

It’s no longer a matter of debate – in the world of hospitality, guest reviews have a signficant impact on a hotel’s reputation and future bookings. That’s why it is crucial for hotel managers to respond to reviews with professionalism, empathy, and promptness. In this blog, we will explore five exceptional examples of hotel managers who have mastered the art of responding to reviews and turned potentially negative experiences into opportunities for excellent guest satisfaction. 

Make sure to pay extra attention to the tried and true strategies that were used in these cases since they are known to make a lasting impression, foster positive relationships, and ultimately, drive growth.

If you’re looking for more information, check our complete guide on how to respond to guest reviews. 

#1 Recognize the staff 

This Novotel hotel manager does a great job of thanking the guest for the review while also acknowledging the hotel staff. The housekeeper in question is positively endorsed, and the manager makes it clear that her work is appreciated within the hotel, which leaves a great impression. Not only that, but the guest is addressed personally, by her name, and invited back for another excellent stay.

Great Management Responses - Recognize the staff
Showing that you value and care about your staff makes a positive impact on your online reputation and can also increase employee engagement in times when hiring and retaining staff is an ongoing challenge for the industry.

#2 Offer a solution 

Notice how heartfelt and enthusiastic this particular reply from Jessica L. is? Plus, she acknowledges the negative part of the review by announcing a solution. The negative has become a positive – and I want to try that new menu!

Great Management Responses 2 - Offer a solution
A great way to thank for the positives without forgetting about the negatives.

#3 Guests love compliments, too

In all fairness, it would be tough to write a bad reply to the glowing review below. But this manager really nails this particular response. It is so genuine and natural, and she even takes the time to complement the guests!

Great Management Responses 3 - Guests love compliments, too
This response is an example of taking guest satisfaction to the next level. You could feel the level of care and attention just by reading the reply.

#4 Make useful recommendations

No one knows your hotel and its positive services and features better than you, so it’s essential to be involved in any guests’ journey and guide them. This manager offers a simple and short reply to an excellent review, but one that is helpful and shows interest in the guests’ wellbeing. He even makes a cocktail recommendation for the next time the guest decides to book a stay, which completes the review and its point of interest.

Great Management Responses 4 - Make useful recommendations
Recommendations are a great way to invite the guest back- – and show them that you care about their experience with your hotel. 

#5 Invite guests back

When responding to a negative review (although, in this case, it’s not entirely negative), it’s always important to apologize, address all specific concerns, and invite the guest back. This management response follows all guidelines for responding to a negative review and still remains authentic and sincere.

Great Management Responses 5 - Invite guests back
This review response ticks all the necessary elements of a perfect reply: the hotel manager acknowledges the experience,  thanks the guest for the feedback, apologizes and invites the guest to return.

#6 How to Elevate Your Responses Effortlessly

It’s great to get inspired by others, but crafting stellar replies to each review is easier said than done. In practice, it means a lot of time spent on addressing each review as a unique conversation. 

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