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The Circle of Trust

by September 27, 2013 8:35 pm Leave a comment

If asked to define your “Circle of Trust” you would likely come back with a select handful of your closest combination of family and friends. People who you probably consider your confidants. If you are a hotelier your “Circle of Trust” is growing by the minute. They are everywhere; omnipresent. Never mind a handful; it could be a stadium full. There is never a down moment; when one stops talking about you, the next one starts. Who are these people? What are they saying? Why are they in your “Circle of Trust,” a group that is traditionally defined as a… read more »

Redefining SEO: Review Response Help, Part I

by February 12, 2013 11:45 pm Leave a comment

As promised in last week’s post, we will be responding to reviews that you had some trouble crafting an answer for on your own. This review titled “Sad But True” had guests who said they would *never* recommend this place to anyone (they put the stars around never, not us). Would a thoughtful response help to change their mind? Have these guests give the hotel another shot? It never hurts to try. See our first post and response from below; this is what we call giving a new definition to SEO (shaping excellent outcomes). Have a review that you need… read more »

Forget b2b & b2c. It’s p2p.

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We’re a b2b company, so it’s pretty bold for us to tell you to forget b2b. This video said just that and made a good point: It’s all about p2p. People to people. Take a look. And show your boss if they are not convinced on the power, and need, for social media. (via Ryan Holmes, CEO, HootSuite)

It’s hard writing original review responses. We get it. TrustYou Helps Redefine SEO & Escape Cookie-Cutter Replies & Avoid Retorts with New Review Response Campaign

by February 1, 2013 5:54 pm Leave a comment

We recently wrote an article, Redefining SEO, on Tnooz that wound up being the most popular post of the day and was trending throughout the week. The gist of it was that hotels need to focus as much on the “new version” of SEO (Shaping Excellent Outcomes), by responding to reviews both positive and negative, as they do the “original” SEO. (This is your chance to click and read the article if you haven’t.) We’re big believers in responding; we’re not fans of practicing selective hospitality (and yes, we wrote a blog about that too). You have to be nice… read more »

You love our hotel? Well, I really don’t care. Why Selective Hospitality is Not Okay

by January 21, 2013 4:49 pm , Leave a comment

Imagine a guest walks up to the front desk of your property and says, “I absolutely love your hotel! It has the most comfortable beds ever, your staff could not be any nicer and the meal I had last night in your restaurant was the best I’ve had in ages. Outstanding!” The person behind the front desk just looks at them and says nothing. Not a word. Complete silence. A blank stare. You would be appalled. That’s the opposite of hospitality and, in fact, it’s just downright rude. Right? (It’s a rhetorical question, don’t answer.) So why is it okay… read more »

(German) Hört das denn gar nicht mehr auf?

by February 2, 2012 1:43 am Leave a comment

(von dem fvw-Blog genommen) Artikel von Arndt Aschenbeck, 1. Februar 2012  Neues Jahr, altes Thema. Das ZDF-Verbrauchermagazin Wiso nahm am Montagabend Hotelbewertungen unter die Lupe und sparte wieder einmal nicht mit Kritik an den Portalen. Wie schon etliche Redaktionen zuvor testeten die ZDF-Journalisten mehrere Bewertungsseiten, indem sie versuchten, gefälschte Kommentare auf den Seiten unterzubringen. Jeweils drei gefakte Hotelkritiken wollten sie auf die Portale schmuggeln. Das Ergebnis: Lediglich fischte alle drei Kommentare heraus und lehnte eine Veröffentlichung ab. Zoover identifizierte zwei Fakes, Holidaycheck und Trivago lehnten eine Bewertung ab. Tripadvisor, Google Places, Ciao und Votello winkten alle gefälschten Beiträge durch.… read more »

Redefining Social Media

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Last month, two of our marketing geniuses wrote an article for the Indian magazine Go Now, as an entry of our new generation of semantic analysis products into the vibrant Indian marketplace. Check it out! _____ REDEFINING SOCIAL MEDIA A guest column from Rajan Malhotra and Kristof Roemer of TrustYou All these years, we have discussed over high tea and midnight drinking binges, where we should eat our next meal and where we should take our next vacation to. We have discussed on the phone with our friends which are the best hotels in Manhattan and the cheapest B&B's in… read more »

Just Be Human! Managing your online reputation with social media.

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We've recently published an article in Cleverdis' quarterly hotelier journal SMARTreport. Check it out below! Lately, a good amount of buzz in the social media space has been revolving around a new epicenter: influence. Individuals and firms alike are trying to figure out what exactly it describes, and what that means for their lives on the Internet. For the hotel world, one conclusion is certain: having a clear idea of how you can shape your hotel’s online influence is an absolutely essential part of a well-rounded reputation management strategy. In the conversation about managing your hotel’s reputation within social media,… read more »

Wisdom for Hoteliers – from MITSloan Management Review

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A couple weeks ago, we read an enlightening article from the MIT Sloan Management Review – and we think the new research on online reputation and influence management holds valuable lessons for our hotelier clients. [...](Englisch) A couple weeks ago, we read an enlightening article from the MIT Sloan Management Review – and we think the new research on online reputation and influence management holds valuable lessons for our hotelier clients. [...]

TrustYou conquers the japanese market

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Available in Ten Languages, ReviewAnalyst Brings Clarity to Guest Comments and Recommendations on Sites Across the Internet MUNICH, GERMANY, October 14th, 2011 - TrustYou, the market leader in social media monitoring and semantic technologies for the online reviews and social commerce space, announced today that Solare Hotels & Resorts Co. Ltd. is using TrustYou ReviewAnalyst to capture and analyze guest comments and recommendations across the Internet. TrustYou ReviewAnalyst leverages semantic search to gather and analyze the sentiment in recommendations on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Mixi including Rakuten Travel, Japan’s major hotel reservation website Solare Resorts and Hotels include more than 70 properties in Japan,… read more »