Off to New Adventures: The New TrustYou HQ Office in Munich

This week at TrustYou’s HQ office in Munich, we’re celebrating again! Our team of around 70 adventurers has finally moved to our new office in the Sendling district, a neighborhood located southwest of the center of Munich. This area is filled with local shops, cute cafes, and multiple indoor and outdoor sports facilities, the perfect combination to make this space our new home.

After over 7 years of growth in an office park located near Olympiapark – the famous landmark constructed for the 1972 summer Olympics – we finally outgrew our space and needed to find additional space to continue our ambitious growth targets set for 2018 and beyond. Our new home has enough space to increase opportunities for our entire team to interact casually and naturally. Better yet, we now have more room and facilities to welcome our guests, partners, and the global TrustYou team – whether they are visiting us from our offices in San Diego, Cluj, Singapore, Tokyo, Madrid, or from our remote locations.

With more than 1,300 square meters (14,000 square feet), our office has doubled in size and now provides everything needed to continue our journey, the TrustYou Adventure, and continue our spot as the market leader in the field of guest feedback and online reputation management. Our fully-equipped kitchen, for example, turns lunch into an adventure: even today, one of our Italian engineers (aka our secretly-talented, pasta-cooking chef) had his debut lunch session with the team. We loooooved the Spaghetti al sugo con basilico and cannot wait for many more delicacies!


The general floor plan is open and welcoming. It just feels natural to make use of the unlimited places around you: the lounge areas, where people already sit with their laptops on the sofas; or the sunny balcony, with the barbecue station – every day, people are discovering the corners and places around them for their projects.

In particular, we are super excited about the meetup space, where we’re looking forward to hold large gatherings. We plan to host anything from internal talks, like trends in People Operations and Marketing, to usability testing events. As big data tech company, with an active engineering culture, we also cannot wait to host meet-ups with Munich’s developer community. As TrustYou adventurers, we’re not only part of the hospitality community but actually contribute to and want to live up to that spirit on a daily basis.

Around six months ago the People, Operations, and Culture department set out to relocate TrustYou’s Headquarters. The designing and branding team contributed to the color concept for meeting rooms and community areas, thereby transforming this space into an actual TrustYou office in which team members would recognize our collected items from their previous workspace, framed in a new light.

Thus, there are special editions of the TrustYou logo, new wall designs next to the TrustYou adventurer gallery. We’ve adapted ourselves into this new environment. Additionally, something that’s absolutely mandatory for all our “sporty” team members: the beloved kicker and ping pong equipment moved with us to have sessions in between meetings. We’ve even added a new “Arena” space – complete with a basketball hoop! May the next Michael Jordan show his/her basketball talents!

On Monday, June 4th, we celebrated this big move on the first day in the new office – which reflects our amazing great team effort after all.  Accompanying our team lunch and a few glasses of prosecco, Jakob, our COO and Co-founder, gave an opening speech. After thanking everyone for making this transition to the new place possible and serving drinks he concluded, “the most beautiful moments for me were to see the pure and honest joy and excitement in the eyes of our team members, as they walked around and explored the new office. It is a great space to continue TrustYou’s success story since it opens up so many opportunities for creative and productive collaborations. Across teams, departments, offices, and the globe.”

So we’re thrilled to embark on this journey from our new HQ to many many more TrustYou adventures and we can’t wait to welcome our many visitors, friends, and colleagues – from across the globe – to our new office!