What Your Hotel Guests Are Saying About Breakfast

Breakfast is, once again in 2021, the most important meal of the day - and even more so during the pandemic, for that matter. TrustYou semantic analysis of the biggest database of hotel guest reviews in the world shows that travelers are missing the impressive breakfast buffet, excellent value, and usual variety of food and beverage service options that they came to expect from a pre-COVID hotel stay. 

Many travelers are currently indicating a dissatisfaction with the hotel breakfast experience on offer during their travels. There is a sense of expectations not being met with the food menu and service as they start their day. This is a standard guest perception, across the board in all markets that are currently open for hotel stays.

Here are some examples of what hotel guests have been saying about breakfast during the first quarter off 2021:

“All the staff were lovely. I just feel like I wasn't informed of anything. I understand with covid that breakfast is limited but it's not worth the amount you pay.”

“The choice of things was limited in breakfast, and it will be great if you can propose traditional cakes.”

“The room was comfortable and clean. The air conditioner worked beautifully. Breakfast was terrible. A very expensive ordinary experience. This was the only thing that was bad but it was really bad.”

Which hotels and markets will be first to come up with innovative solutions for going above and beyond to make sure that guest needs are being met during their morning routine? A challenge such as this leaves plenty of room for pioneering initiatives and the opportunity to come up with new ways to impress hotel guests and set an example for the industry as a whole.

How do you like your coffee? Milk, sugar?

As a start, it may be worth asking travelers ahead of time what their preferred breakfast options are. Send a pre-stay guest survey to get to know your guest personally and build an emotional connection that prepares them for their hotel stay and manages expectations in terms of what is possible. Offering an individualized service for which you can plan and prepare may be one option that could be potentially easier than trying to come up with a solution on the spot, amidst all of the new health and safety regulations that have become our new normal. 

You wanted extra salt with your scrambled eggs?

Another smart solution is to keep in close touch to your guest at all times - with a contactless on-site survey that allows for consistent feedback during their stay on your premises. Allow them to tell you if they are missing sauce, if the coffee is cold, or if there is anything else that can be done to elevate their breakfast experience right away. Being able to communicate with your guests in this way and forward any helpful insight to an integrated staff team chat platform immediately, is the best way to do service recovery and ensure the kind of guest satisfaction that leads to great reviews.

Integrated hotel communication platforms are becoming more and more essential every day. Contact us to find out more about our TrustYou Live Experience solution and how you can leverage this to build great relationships, earn trust and win. Every moment of their stay.

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