Create Positive Guest Experiences

TrustYou Messaging

The Challenge

Getting feedback on site is crucial to issue resolution, but current communication methods with guests are fragmented.

The Solution

Direct messaging that allows for easy two-way communication between hotel and guests.

Send Personalized Communication to Your Guests

Engage with guests via text (SMS), Facebook Messenger, and email in order to more effectively keep guests informed and save time.

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Upgrade Your Check-In Process

Check-in is the guest’s first on-site impression of your hotel. Manage and monetize more efficiently with pre-stay surveys that include guest preferences and room upgrade possibilities.

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Benefit from Real Time Service Recovery

Ask for feedback while guests are on site in order to correct issues quickly and avoid negative reviews later on.

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Create Convenience for Both Guest and Staff

TrustYou Messaging uses popular communication methods convenient for your guests; there is no app download required for guests. Staff can easily respond from a single, shared inbox.

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Utilize as an Effective Feedback Channel

Increase guest survey response rates by requesting feedback via text message, with open rates as high as 98%. TrustYou Stars seamlessly integrates with Messaging and encourages more positive reviews.

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