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Guests’ Favorite Hotels in NY, LA, Chicago, Houston & Philly

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 With the holidays upon us, people are traveling more.  Naturally, the holidays bring a frenzy of activity and less time for research.  That’s where we come it.  TrustYou has the highest-rated hotels in top USA cities based on guest feedback. Yes, we have it here. Our latest findings include a snapshot of top hotels in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia that takes online reviews and feedback from fellow travelers as the ranking system.  Or as we call it, the TrustScore, the world’s first, independent score representing all online opinions around the world. For each city, we’ve created… read more »

Nobody’s Perfect, Although We’re A Lot Closer Now.

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TrustYou Unveils New Dashboard, Making Online Reputation Management (ORM) Even More Productive (& Pretty, Too!) We’d love to say we are perfect, but with a name like TrustYou, we’re a pretty reputable company that tells it like it is. As fantastic as our technology is (and that’s not us saying it, check out some of our recent proud moments), we felt that we weren’t as good-looking as we could be. And when we talk good-looking, we mean the look of our reputation monitoring dashboard.  We wouldn’t say we were unattractive – maybe a seven or an eight out of ten – but we… read more »

A Hotelier’s Guide to Gaining More Reviews

by November 27, 2012 12:53 pm 1 Comment

More Reviews = More Revenue We’ve been talking about the importance of reviews for years. With more than 80% of travelers reading reviews prior to making a booking decision, hotels must pay attention to guest opinions to stay ahead of the game. It’s not optional. It’s of upmost importance. Quite simply put, more reviews equates to more revenue. It turns out, the quantity of reviews a hotel receives has a very big impact on a hotel’s revenue. More reviews give hotels better overall review scores, higher room rates and more visibility for future guests. Encouraging more reviews is crucial for… read more »

Guests’ Favorite Hotels in Germany’s Largest Markets

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Tourism in Germany is on the rise, with more than 390 million overnight visitors in 2011 alone. These travelers are talking about their experiences in record numbers – across review sites, on social networks, in travel blogs, etc. At TrustYou, we analyze all of these comments and opinions. In so doing, we find some hotels and accommodations rise to the top, leaving guests abuzz about a truly extraordinary experience. Our latest report gives all the details about guests' favorite spots in Germany’s largest markets: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. For each city, we created two lists – one for luxury… read more »

Measuring ROI without Looking at ROR? You’re Missing Out.

by November 13, 2012 6:28 pm Leave a comment

Relationships = Big Returns Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias, and author of Return on Relationship TM visits TrustYou for an exciting webinar on January 14 with TrustYou Co-Founder & CEO Benjamin Jost. There’s a big focus on ROI.  What about ROR?  If you are not looking at the value of your customer relationships and listening to what is being said you are missing out. The value of relationships is what our friend Ted Rubin, author, marketer and social media strategist has coined, Return on Relationship™ (ROR). As Ted says, “Return on Relationship™ (ROR), simply put, is the value that… read more »

2012 Traveler Rants & Raves: One Million Online Comments Show What Guests Love About Your Hotel & What They Complain About

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Whether they love it or loathe it, your guests are taking their feedback online in increasing numbers. This year alone, millions of hotel reviews have been posted on the internet across review sites and social media platforms. Who listens to all these reviews? We do. So what are guests’ biggest rants and raves? We looked at one million comments around the world to find out what guests love and what they complain about as it relates to their hotel experiences. More often than not, it is one in the same. Service, food, breakfast, cleanliness (or lack thereof), room size and… read more »

They are Talking About You & We’re Listening: The TrustScore Puts a “Grade” to All Online Comments

by October 19, 2012 6:36 pm Leave a comment

They are talking about you and it’s not behind your back. If you are not listening, it might as well be. That’s where we come in. As we announced last week, the TrustScore measures your company’s online reputation, much like the Klout score measures a person’s online influence. It’s an easy-to-read “grade,” so to speak, that boils down what’s being said across all online platforms, from review sites to social media to tell you just what your guests think of you. Not just from the usual suspects (you know who they are), but across all sites, globally. Now enter the… read more »

The TrustScore Brings Transparency to Hotels, Consumers & Travel Agents Alike

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At TrustYou we’ve built our business as hospitality-facing solution for online reputation management. We are well known in the hospitality industry, but if you aren’t in the business, we would bet that you had not heard of us. Until now. This week our TrustScore went public (No, we are not being traded on the market). We did, however, add a search feature to our homepage that allows you to find your hotel’s score and post it directly on your website - all for free. This also means that anyone (yes, friendly hotel competition, consumers and travel agents) can search for… read more »

And the winner is…

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We all strive to knock it out of the park, do we not? Mediocre just doesn’t make the cut. At TrustYou we are no different. We make it our goal to create and provide the best online reputation management products and solutions there are. It is a lofty goal, we know. So you can imagine our excitement when we see our goal realized and recognized - in the last 10 days alone, we added two new awards to our collection that we are pretty proud of: The Best Social Media Provider in Travel at EyeforTravel’s Simpliflying Awards: More than 50… read more »

Getting the most from your surveys: 5 tips to gain more feedback

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Last week, we made the case that surveys = reviews, meaning that savvy hoteliers can use their own guest satisfaction surveys to gain higher ratings, higher rankings, better SEO, and more visibility to those researching where to stay. With so many important metrics resting on survey feedback, here are some quick tips to get the most responses from your surveys. 1. Keep them short Let’s face it; most people are happy to give their feedback, but aren’t interested in spending a lot of time doing it - we all have busy lives and fairly limited attention spans. When surveys are… read more »