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Weekly Roundup #41: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 41/2017 Happy Friday, everyone! You know what’s next: our Weekly Roundup marks the perfect and most productive end of each the week - here you can get your fresh dose of news and stories from the hospitality industry. As usual, we have selected the best and most interesting ones, so make sure to take a look and enjoy the read! Until next time, we wish you a lovely weekend! Industry News AccorHotels bids $930 million for Australia’s Mantra Group: It has been a productive week for our client AccorHotels, as many other ones in the last year. The Group… Lesen Sie mehr »


The Independent Hotel Series – Part II: Optimizing Your Website

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Last week we started our Independent Hotel Series, as an extension of our latest eBook: Branding Without The Brand Name - An independent Hoteliers Guide To Building Brand Value. In the first part of the blog series we discussed why it’s crucial for independent hoteliers to acknowledge what makes their hotel stand out in a highly competitive market and how to make sure that the best traits and features of the hotel contribute to the traveler’s booking decision process. Now it’s time to talk about your hotel’s virtual business card: the website. It’s no secret anymore that we live in… Lesen Sie mehr »


Weekly Roundup #40: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 40/2017 The Weekly Roundup is back, so this means that it’s time for a quick recap. Before heading off into the weekend, don’t forget to check the latest hospitality news and stories, that we carefully selected and summarized for you during this week. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts, for daily updates. We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Until next Friday, have a wonderful weekend! Industry News AccorHotels makes acquisition to deliver other hotel brands to travel agencies: Our client AccorHotels is clearly on a mission to continuously expand and diversify their portfolio… Lesen Sie mehr »


The Independent Hotel Series – Part I: Using What Makes You Different

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Hospitality is a highly competitive business, especially nowadays, with so many options out there, all of them being eye-catching and promising. Travelers are given a wide variety of accommodation to choose from and this might sometimes come as a challenge for hoteliers, especially for the ones managing an independent hotel. With this in mind, we have recently released our eBook: Branding Without The Brand Name - An independent Hoteliers Guide To Building Brand Value. The eBook is structured into four in-depth chapters, all of them focused around the most important things that independent hoteliers can and should do in order… Lesen Sie mehr »


Weekly Roundup #39: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 39/2017 Welcome back to another Weekly Roundup! Another week has quickly gone by and we hope you had a good one! Now it’s time to go through a short summary of what went on in hospitality and travel, so make sure to check out the latest news and stories. Until next Friday, enjoy your weekend! Industry News Thomas Cook buys 42% stake in resort firm Aldiana: Thomas Cook announced this week that it has entered into a strategic partnership with LMEY Investments, a Swiss-based hotel property development company, to develop and grow Thomas Cook's own-brand hotel portfolio. As part… Lesen Sie mehr »


Weekly Roundup #38: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 38/2017 Hi there, everyone! Welcome back on our blog, for the Weekly Roundup! You know how this works: as usual, we prepared this week’s most interesting news about hospitality and overall travel and you can find it all here: news, stories, technology posts, everything that you need to know before heading off into the weekend. So enjoy and have a lovely weekend! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Industry News TrustYou’s Direct Guest Messaging Tool Enables Compatible Connection With Amazon Echo: It’s already a well-known fact that Amazon Echo, the… Lesen Sie mehr »

International Travelers

Your Guests Are International – Your Hotel’s Approach Should Be Too

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Whether we’re talking about vacations, business travels or single-night stays, international visitors are a big faction of any hotel’s total number of guests. Especially if your hotel is located in a central area of a bigger city or in a popular holiday region, you probably greet foreign visitors on a daily basis. This is why it’s extremely important to know exactly how to not only attract them, but keep them coming.   Any type of guest deserves an equal amount of attention, respect and the same effort and dedication from the hotel’s management team. It might, however, be easier to… Lesen Sie mehr »


Weekly Roundup #37: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 37/2017 Greetings, everyone and welcome back on our blog, for another Weekly Roundup! As usual, we gathered the most interesting and relevant news and stories that were published this week, so make sure to take a look at the headlines! Also, for more daily updates and news, don’t forget to follow our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram! Until next Friday, have a lovely weekend! Industry News Hotelchamp partners with TrustYou and offers review content to users: It’s been another exciting week for us, since we added a new partner to our portfolio! Our Meta-Reviews service… Lesen Sie mehr »


4 Reasons to Read Our Latest eBook from Start to Finish

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When it comes to hospitality, we can surely say that the show will always go on, no matter what. Hotels will never stop being necessary and with tourism being the huge, multi-billion dollar industry that it is, diversity is always encouraged and awaited by travelers. Having options to chose from, like big chains and independent properties, is most certainly a must, but what makes one different than the other? Sure, branded hotels have their fair share of large-scale efforts that they must constantly focus on, but independent hotels might sometimes feel like a bit of an outsider. Attracting travelers to… Lesen Sie mehr »


Weekly Roundup #36: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 36/2017 Greetings, everyone! You know what today’s deal is: Friday = Weekly Roundup, so welcome back! As usual, we scanned the news during this week and put together a summary of the most interesting and relevant ones, so you could go through a quick recap before the weekend. So read away and don’t forget to come back next Friday, for another roundup! Until then, you can follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram! Have an amazing weekend! Industry News TrustYou Releases Insightful New eBook to Aid Independent Hotel Marketing Efforts: We are delighted to announce that… Lesen Sie mehr »


2017 Will Be The Year of the Hotel Guest

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Hotels will use personalization, engagement, and feedback to enhance the hotel guest experience in 2017   Each year, we at TrustYou get out our Magic 8 Balls and fortune teller caps to see if we can predict the future of the hospitality industry. This year, we see a bright future for hotels and their guests. This prediction unveiled itself without any sort of magic, but rather by consulting with many of the major news publications, plus industry experts and sources. Read ahead to find out what key hospitality trends we expect for 2017.   Personalization Capabilities Improve   From booking details… Lesen Sie mehr »


3 Ways to Use Hotel Text Messaging to Increase Revenue

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Often times, hoteliers, and particularly revenue managers, have to choose between strategies that enhance guest satisfaction versus those that increase revenues. You could offer unlimited, free wi-fi to guests in order to boost satisfaction, or you could charge a few dollars to make a profit from these services.   Personally, I am of the mindset that guest satisfaction does, in fact, have an impact on boosted revenues. Research shows that 76% of travelers are willing to pay more for a hotel with a higher rating. However, finding the direct connection of ratings to revenue is difficult (but not impossible). Therefore,… Lesen Sie mehr »


Ungewöhnlich und unterschätzt: Europas versteckte Hotelperlen

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Suchen Sie noch nach Reiseinspirationen für einen Städtetrip im Jahr 2017? TrustYou hat sich einige von Europas beliebtesten Reisezielen näher angesehen und jeweils die unterschätztesten Hotels ermittelt. Laut zahlreicher Bewertungen von Reisenden sind dies die Hotels, die es sich lohnt auf der nächsten Reise nach Rom, Madrid oder Paris genauer anzusehen. Die Auswahl setzt sich aus einer Mischung des TrustScores - ein Punktesystem, das TrustYou erstellt hat und das auf mehr als 100 Kategorien basiert - und der Hotelbeliebtheit zusammen. TrustYou hat dabei nur Hotels analysiert, die in den letzten 24 Monaten Bewertungen erhalten haben. Basierend auf verifizieren Bewertungsdaten hat TrustYou die folgen… Lesen Sie mehr »


What Hotels Can Learn from Amazon Go

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Last week, online retail giant, Amazon, wowed the internet community when they released this preview of their new shopping innovation, Amazon Go. The concept is a “Just Walk Out” shopping model that allows customers to buy what they need without having to stand in a checkout line. The news filtered through most major news outlets, all with the collective opinion that Amazon was changing retail stores as we know them today. While the technology can be complicated, most critics agree that customer demand for this type of shopping experience will rise. But why does this shake-up in the retail space also important for… Lesen Sie mehr »


How Hotels Can Increase Guest Survey Response Rates

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Guest feedback is essential to any service-based business, so it’s no surprise that hoteliers are always looking to encourage guest reviews via guest surveys. Reviews offer unparalleled insight to your guests’ experience. If you want to increase your guest survey response rates, take the time to reduce barriers to entry and increase efficiency. From post-stay emails to incentives, there are a few easy-to-implement ways to get the most out of your efforts.   Make it Simple and Easy   First, hotels should remove as many barriers to entry as possible for guest survey responses. Guests are far less likely to leave… Lesen Sie mehr »


Textnachrichten aufs Handy: Verbesserte Kommunikation zwischen Hotel und Gast

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Konversationen zwischen Hotelmitarbeitern und Gästen verlagern sich zunehmend auf Direktnachrichten, da der Austausch von Informationen immer mehr digital und über Smartphones stattfindet. Mithilfe dieser Konversationen können viele nützliche Erkenntnisse in Bezug auf den Reiseverlauf des Gastes gewonnen werden, indem Inhalte und Kommunikationsverhalten analysiert werden. Von Gästefeedback mit Direktnachrichtenversand in Echtzeit profitieren Um dies besser zu veranschaulichen, haben wir mit TrustYous hochmoderner Sentiment-Analyse-Algorythmen 10.000 Nachrichten analysiert. Die unten stehende Infografik zeigt eine Auswahl an bestehenden Konversationen zwischen TrustYou Messaging-Kunden und ihren Gästen:     Hotels können viel über ihre Gäste lernen, indem sie regelmäßig mit ihnen vor Ort kommunizieren. Heutige Kommunikationsmethoden… Lesen Sie mehr »


The Top 10 Best Places to Stay in NYC Over the Holidays

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Each year, New York City transforms itself into a holiday wonderland; its storefronts are the subject of movies and it's Christmas Tree is world renowned. And despite Christmas Creep seemingly taking over before trick or treaters have inventoried their Halloween haul, the holiday season really kicks off in New York City with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. For those folks looking to take in the parade, from marching bands and Woody Woodpecker, through to the iconic visit from Santa Claus, identifying the best places to stay in NYC can be intimidating. After all, New York City has nearly 300 hotels to choose… Lesen Sie mehr »


Event Recap: Travel Tech Leadership Summit + Oktoberfest!

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On Thursday, September 29, 2016, over 30 leaders from travel, hospitality, and technology sectors arrived at TrustYou's Travel Tech Leadership Summit in Munich, Germany for a day of conversation and collaboration. The 3rd annual Leadership Summit presented by TrustYou was held during Munich's most popular event of the year, Oktoberfest! In true Bavarian tradition, the summit began with a Weißwurstbreakfast, where TrustYou co-founder Jakob Riegger tapped the keg for the attendees to enjoy, while fellow co-founder Benjamin Jost greeted the attendees and kicked off the day's sessions.   Immediately following, PhoCusWright founder Philip Wolf began a moderated, educational session with his co-presenters from Google,… Lesen Sie mehr »


How to Use Reputation Management to Influence Hotel CapEx

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Introduction to Hotel CapEx   Hotels have a lot of options when it comes to allocating capital expenditure, or CapEx, budgets each year. Without proper data and research, it’s nearly impossible to choose the most impactful improvements that will maximize return on investment. Hotels that take the time to analyze their existing data, i.e. guest reviews, have the the opportunity to choose the best projects. Here’s how you can use reputation management to allocate your hotel’s CapEx.   What is a capital expenditure?   A capital expenditure is either a newly purchased asset or an investment in a current capital… Lesen Sie mehr »


Hotel Case Study: How One Hotel Group Leveraged Guest Feedback to Increase Bookings

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Three years ago, Petit Palace Hoteles, a young, modern hotel chain located in Spain, made the decision to utilize guest feedback to improve guest experiences, increase the number of returning visitors, and boost the number of direct bookings. In late 2013, Petit Palace Hoteles partnered with the world’s largest guest feedback platform, TrustYou, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. To start, some of Petit Palace Hoteles 31 properties, increased revenue up to 200% with increased reputation scores and visibility. To achieve this success, the hotels integrated guest feedback into every stage of the guest journey with the… Lesen Sie mehr »