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Leverage Traveler’s Online Preferences to Drive Hotel Bookings

by July 27, 2016 10:00 am , Leave a comment

All travelers consider and prioritize different hotel profile elements during the search-shop-buy process, but certain aspects consistently make the list.  In one of my recent blog posts, I mentioned some key elements of hotel profiles and why they were important. Location, price, reviews, and ease of booking typically influence the final hotel booking decision. Aside from adding these elements to your hotel profile, you can also use this information to drive hotel bookings. Here's a few tips to get you started:   Location   Whether a guest is traveling for business or leisure, location is always a significant factor in booking.  Established hotels obviously can't… read more »

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What Travelers Look for in Online Hotel Profiles

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In today's world, travelers suffer from information overload and too many choices.  Online travel agencies are popular not only for price comparisons, but also to sort through options quickly.  By presenting necessary information in a consistent, easy-to-find format, individual properties can provide the same advantage. Since customers tend to skim information now, these facts don't need to be detailed.  Use white space, checklists and/or bullet points to pinpoint answers quickly.  Business travelers in particular are focused on facts, so state those first and then provide links or supplemental descriptions to appeal to emotions.  When information is split between multiple pages,… read more »


The Guest Feedback Cycle: Influencing the Traveler at Every Stage of Their Journey

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I’ll start this post with a bold statement: the traveler experience begins and ends with guest feedback. Now, let me back [it] up. It is fair to say that the traveler journey consists of  three main stages: booking the hotel, the onsite experience, and delivering post-stay commentary. When guest feedback is leveraged by a hotel in the right way, it impacts the traveler at every stage of this experience and creates a cycle of booking one customer in order to deliver another. Let’s take a closer look at each of the main stages of the traveler journey to see how… read more »


The Growing Significance of the Mobile Concierge

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Today, technology, almost more than anything, plays a huge role in how consumers book and experience travel. Prior to our hyper-connected world, travelers relied on brands and hotel concierges to get trusted tips and tricks. Now there’s more information than travelers even know what to do with. There is an ever-growing number of mobile apps to help people get where they’re going. New mobile technology helps make it easier for business to provide information and consumers to receive it. Personalized travel is becoming the new norm and now startups want to help solve consumers' pain points. As a hotelier, it’s… read more »


3 Ways to Drive More Direct Bookings

by June 29, 2016 2:35 pm Leave a comment

Your hotel website is the first impression to potential guests, therefore, it should be seamless if you want to drive bookings. There are many ways to enhance your website, but often overlooked are the features that help highlight trust and transparency in the booking process. Guest feedback and ratings, along with Triptease’s Price Check widget are both add-ons that help hotels showcase the information travelers need to make booking decisions. We took a closer look into these two tools to see how they link up.   Guest Feedback Guest feedback is one of the most important factors behind a hotels’… read more »


How Google’s Rich Snippets Features Drives Hotel Bookings

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Considering how important search is in the buyer’s journey – 60% of travelers turn to search first when looking for accommodations– it’s surprising why more hoteliers don’t make use of one of Google’s best features: rich snippets. What are Google’s Rich Snippets? Think of rich snippets as extra information that Google lets you provide that appear underneath your page title and URL in search engine results. Translation = They’re extra little goodies you can use to influence travelers to click on your hotel listing versus a competitor’s, helping you drive direct bookings. You can see the rich snippets (the information… read more »


How Google Hotel Reviews Impact Your Hotel

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There is a lot of buzz lately about hotel reviews on Google and what really drives improvements in ratings, review summaries, and local search rankings for hotels. As of recent, a few online reputation providers now offer hotels the ability to push their solicited guest reviews directly to Google.   As an example, earlier this year TrustYou launched TrustYou Stars, a guest satisfaction survey solution that allows hotels to collect guest reviews and then push them to Google as a Google review that is shown below the review summary. TrustYou also provides hotel review scores and review summaries for more than 300,000 hotels on Google. These review scores… read more »


TrustYou Technology Will Benefit Both Attendees and Exhibitors at HITEC 2016

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The TrustYou team will be at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) in New Orleans, LA the week of June 20th - 23rd. HITEC is the world’s largest hospitality technology show, so it seemed only fitting that TrustYou utilize this outlet to showcase the world’s largest guest feedback platform. The TrustYou guest feedback platform collects and analyzes nearly 3 millions traveler reviews, surveys, and social posts each week for over 500,000 global hotels. Travels sites like KAYAK,, and Google use this data to help enhance the traveler’s search-shop-buy process. And now with the introduction of TrustYou’s new… read more »


It’s Here! The Recommended Method (and Cadence) of Responding to Reviews

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Over the past few years, you may have heard multiple, and often differing, opinions on how hotels should respond to online reviews. Recently, Cornell released a study that helps hotels answer the age-old question. The study found correlations between reviews and hotel revenue and that there are two key limitations on how review responses lead to revenue improvements: 1). Too many responses is worse than offering no response and 2). Consumers more appreciate responses to negative reviews. So how can hotels utilize this information to update their current response process? Here are a few tips and guidelines. Prioritizing Review Responses… read more »