Leverage Guest Insights to Drive Future Bookings

TrustYou Analytics & Radar

The Challenge

Guest feedback is often fragmented, making it difficult for your hotel to easily pinpoint and resolve issues.

The Solution

Review analytics that consolidates feedback across the web to create the most valuable insights for hoteliers.

Effectively Manage Feedback from All Channels

Analyze and respond to feedback aggregated from all online sources, including reviews collected from TrustYou Stars, in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

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Analyze What Most Influences Your Hotel Score

With TrustYou Analytics, knowledge is power. Our semantic technology provides your hotel better visibility into what comments are impacting your score the most so you can better focus your efforts.

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Receive Flexible and Customizable Reports

Choose from a variety of analytics reports or setup a custom report that measures your KPIs. Download reports directly within your account or have them scheduled to be automatically sent to your inbox.

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Easy Response Management to Focus Efforts

Impact Scores help to identify the areas your hotel should focus on to improve your overall rating. Find and respond to reviews based on these topics.

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Connect While On the Go

Stay up to date on how your hotel performs across hundreds of websites that display TrustScores and Meta-Reviews with TrustYou's Radar app.

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Monitor on Social Media

See what is said about your hotel across all key social media platforms and respond to posts, tweets, tips, blogs and more.

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