TrustYou Wins #1 in the HotelTechAwards 2018 for “Reputation and Review Management Software”

by February 19, 2018 11:28 am Press Releases, In The News

Munich, 19  February 2018  -  Hotel Tech Report has named TrustYou 2018’s top-rated Reputation Management Software based on data from thousands of hoteliers in over 40 countries around the world.  More than 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. The HotelTechAwards platform (by leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines.

TrustYou is poised for sustained growth in 2018 and offers a full guest feedback platform to manage, analyze and market reviews across the globe.


“We have entered into what is called the trust economy where reputation is currency.  The correlation between online reviews and revenue is immense and TrustYou helps it’s partners maximize their presence and improve their reputation” says Hotel Tech Report’s Adam Hollander.

Hoteliers recognized TrustYou's truly world-class onboarding process  on where the guest feedback platform exceeded the category average by 7%.

“TrustYou has very powerful tools to easily manage reviews from dozens of third-party sites and OTAs. This is by far the strongest aspect of the platform. Their global support team is very responsive and personable” says a hotel e-commerce manager from Sydney, Australia.

Benjamin Jost, CEO at TrustYou, adds: “We are very excited to be #1 in the category of reputation management. Every day, the TrustYou team works very hard to make sure that our guest feedback platform, our worldwide service, and training efforts exceed our clients’ expectations to create a true value for the hospitality industry. TrustYou lives and breathes customer feedback, so we are especially happy about this award as it comes directly from our customers and partners.”

Find more information about the HotelTechAwards 2018 in the official announcement of all winners.

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关于 TrustYou

TrustYou 是全球最大的宾客反馈平台,为众多酒店提供解决方案,以促成更多预订量并改进其酒店产品。在宾客旅程的每个阶段,酒店可以利用宾客反馈来增强评论营销并实现卓越的运营业绩。宾客反馈影响着 95% 的预订决定。TrustYou Meta-Review 将全球 500,000 多家酒店的数亿条酒店评论、调查和社交帖子汇集一处,支持 Google、Kayak 和 等数十个旅游网站上的宾客评论。这些评论还为酒店提供了切实可行的洞见,帮助酒店在宾客旅程的每一步中提升其存在感,从预订和入住前搜索查询,到宾客实时请求和留言,再到调查回应和评论形式的入住后反馈。通过 TrustYou 合作伙伴计划,PMS、CRM、IBE 和其他酒店软件提供商可以将 TrustYou 的宾客反馈平台集成到其产品中,从而帮助其酒店客户对预订量和收入产生积极影响。

如需了解更多信息,请访问 TrustYou 和宾客反馈平台

*TrustYou Meta-Reviews 只包含经过证实的评论,不包括来自 TripAdvisor 的评论



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