Facts and Figures about the Five Biggest Hotel Groups Worldwide

In March, we had a deeper look into the facts about the five biggest hotel groups of the world. According to a study of the MKG-Group in June 2010, the five biggest hotel groups worldwide are the British IHG with 643,787 rooms, followed by 3 US hotel groups, the Wyndham Hotel Group (597,674 rooms), Hilton Hotels (587,813 rooms) and Marriott International (580,876 rooms). The French Accor Group is the 5th largest hotel group with 492,675 rooms in 2010.

We compared them analyzing all available hotel reviews from 41 sources like Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck all over the world. We looked at the TrustYou-Score of all hotels (that normalizes grades in different scales e.g. stars, school grades, 1 – 10 points, thumbs up or thumbs down, etc.) and at the number of comments with positive, neutral or negative tendency.

Comparison of the TrustYou-Score

The 5 Biggest Hotel Groups Worldwide: Comparison of the TrustYou-Score

Very Good Hotels

With a mean TrustYou-Score of 85.15, Marriot International is the only hotel group with the grade “very good”.

Good Hotels

The hotels of the Accor Group have a mean TrustYou-Score of 83.27, followed by Hilton Hotels with a mean TrustYou-Score of 83.26. Also the hotels of the InterContinental Hotel Group are rated “good” with a mean TrustYou-Score of 81.27.

Adequate Hotels

The hotels of the Wyndham Hotel Group are adequate, with a mean TrustYou-Score of 71.18.


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