10 Reasons To Choose TrustYou As Your Guest Feedback Platform

Celebrations have begun, as this month we officially turn 10 years old! This marks a huge milestone for our company and we are extremely proud that we've come so far. Ever since the company was founded, back in 2008, we have constantly grown and continuously improved, with more drive and passion for our work. Our mission is to help hotels from all over the world to improve their businesses through an excellent reputation, which has paid off in the amazing and unexpected ways. Hard work, effective and constantly evolving products, plus a diverse-international team, have brought us an impressive portfolio of clients, multiple industry awards, and an immeasurable amount of satisfaction.


In honor of our 10th anniversary, here are 10 reasons why you should definitely choose TrustYou to manage your hotel’s online reputation and guest feedback in the most effective, quick, and user-friendly ways! From our sophisticated platform to our amazing team and industry recognition, we successfully check all the right boxes!


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  • Our all-in-one guest feedback platform


It’s only logical that our biggest asset is our all-in-one guest feedback platform. Since the very beginning of TrustYou, our main product has developed and improved into what is it today: a complex, yet easy to use and highly effective way of managing online reputation. Year after year, we receive more insights into what reputation management really is and what its implications are. Our platform is present on as many online channels as possible in order to gather guest reviews and positively market them to a large audience. Also, due to more recent advancements in technology and the constant change of the traveler behavior, we came out with new and exciting tools, such as the direct messaging one, which also encompasses voice messaging and live chat technologies. The TrustYou guest feedback platform is a one-stop smart solution that helps hotels properly and effectively manage their online reputation in order to improve scores, get more bookings, and -implicitly- achieve more revenue.


  • Our expertise in hospitality and travel


10 years in the industry is a long time and we’ve had so many chances to improve and master our industry knowledge. Our hotel clients range from big hotel chains to independent properties. By catering to both categories, we developed a deeper understanding of their needs and expectations. We have not only participated in numerous industry events, such as the most recent ITB Berlin, but have given even more talks, trainings, and webinars with our trusted network of industry experts and leaders. We enjoy many fruitful partnerships with some of the biggest OTA’s, search engines - like Google, travel specific apps, as well as IBEs, PMSs, CRMs, which pretty much includes every type of system and software that comes in contact with hotels. We have extended our presence and influence in many different areas of hospitality and guest feedback and we are not ashamed to say that we are constantly learning. This industry is always changing and we are adapting with it in a way that builds  benefits for our clients and their success. Take a look at our tech trends for 2018 to check it out for yourself.


  • Our amazing team


A great product can only be developed, marketed, and explained by a great team and we are beyond proud of ours! With over 140 members across the globe and still growing, the TrustYou team is a well-oiled machine, made of driven and passionate minds. We take our work very seriously, but we also like to enjoy extra activities together. Even though we are divided by departments and teams, the end result of our work comes from a big team effort, one that reflects every single member’s efforts and dedication. We come from dozens of countries, from four continents and this ensures that we get a proper understanding of each individual market. It also means that we have the chance to share our traditions and cultures and enjoy different team events together. We get to visit our different offices and travel the world. We are all enjoying the adventure and we love it!


  • Our resources


Hospitality is such a complex industry and it sometimes might be hard for hoteliers to keep up with what’s going on outside of their everyday work and responsibilities. This is why at TrustYou, we always strive to create and provide quality content that will give you relevant insights into the industry and offer useful tips into properly managing your business and its reputation. We constantly come up with blog posts, about relevant industry updates and features and how our products can enhance them. We also like to emphasize on hospitality trends and new, exciting technology. We put together best practice guides to reveal the best ways of handling certain features, operations, or situations that might come up in hospitality and travel. We work on case studies to provide clear examples of how our guest feedback platform works for our clients and how it improves their reputation and overall success rate. We also research and write extended and thoroughly documented white papers and 电子书, packed with useful information and statistics, to help hoteliers and their establishments. We plan and organize webinars, in collaboration with partners and industry experts, to break down different “hot” topics that any hotelier should be aware of. We deliver every week’s most interesting and relevant news and stories, through our Weekly Roundups. Last, but not least, we constantly update and post on our social media accounts: from team photos and events, to all of our new content, you can always find what you are looking for on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,and Instagram accounts.


  • Our attention to trends


As already mentioned, we pay close attention to everything that goes on in the hospitality industry. We acknowledge its complexity and propensity to shift and constantly change, so we change along with it. Any topic, any new concept, any concerns, or any problems that hoteliers might have in this fast-paced, tech-driven world, we learn about it first and we then present it to you, along with a solution. We make it our mission to break down any aspect of this industry, to help hoteliers easily grasp it, to always be informed and to always be prepared. If studies show that modern travelers prefer messaging as a mean of guest-staff communication, we go ahead and improve our guest feedback platform by adding a direct messaging solution. If hoteliers face difficulties in managing their online reputation on multiple channels and operations become too complicated and time-consuming, we provide an all-in-one feedback platform, to be able to run all necessary operations in one stop.


  • Our constant development


Looking back, we realize that throughout these 10 years, we have accomplished so much, and found solutions for so much more! Each year, we make sure to try and outdo ourselves from the year before; from multiple new product features (95 in 2017 alone), new and exciting partnerships, to 103 million reviews gathered in one year. We have made a name for ourselves with the help of  industry giants, such as AccorHotels, B&B Hotels, who count on our guest feedback platform to manage and improve their reputation. Our team continues to grow, and with strong year-over-year improvement, a brand new investor, Recruit Holdings, our business is stronger than ever with no plans to stop and no signs of slowing down. TrustYou is all about moving forward, peaking into the future, and always being one step ahead.


  • Our global approach


TrustYou started in a single office in Munich, our headquarters, but good business ideas needed room to grow. Despite expanding our offices in Munich, we also have multiple other ones, across Europe, Asia, and the United States, where our dedicated people work, learn, and grow together - all in a highly international environment. This also allows us to exchange ideas and strategies while catering to different markets and their specific needs and characteristics. Hospitality is deeply impacted by cultural diversity. Coming from very different and sometimes opposite sides of the world allows us to better understand multiple points of view. Also, national celebrations and traditions are valued and shared between colleagues and it’s always fun and interesting to learn more about one another, where we come from, what our customs are, and what we have in common.


  • Our support


The TrustYou support team is on of our highest achievements and a great source of pride. Because we understand the important of guest satisfaction, we always give our 100% when it comes to our clients or anyone that asks for any information or insights. In 2017, we reached a 97% customer satisfaction rate and we have a 100% response rate on from our Facebook messaging profile. You can rest assured that we’ll do anything and everything we can to help you and within the shortest amount of time possible. TrustYou is not just about businesses, nor is it just about numbers. We care about people, we want to see you succeed and we provide all of the necessary support. So don’t shy away and contact us for any inquiry that you might have. Our support team will be more than happy to assist you.


  • Our awards and recognition in the industry


2018 started in the best possible way for us, since TrustYou officially won the coveted #1 spot in the HotelTechAwards 2018 for highest rated “Reputation and Review Management Software”. This confirms that our hard work is beneficial to each user and that our excellent products receive the recognition from within the hospitality industry. The award was granted based on data from thousands of hoteliers in over 40 countries around the world. More than 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. The HotelTechAwards platform (by HotelTechReport.com) leverages real customer data to determine best-of-breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. Also, our score on Hotel Tech Report is of 100, so you can’t really do any better than that, can you?


  • Our genuine passion for excellence


Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn. If you ask any member of the TrustYou team, they will tell you that they love this industry. We are travelers. We are adventurers. We are providers. But we are also consumers. We like the thought of making a difference in hospitality and travel. We want to improve the guest experience by helping businesses acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, in order to adjust accordingly. We want to help businesses to better manage their reputation and drive more guests into their hotels. We want to help improve each hotel’s reputation and strive for excellence. Everything that we do, from product developments, to events and resources, is done with a passion and with a strong desire to make travel even better, even more exciting.


If you’re interested in using the industry’s top rated guest feedback platform, do it now and take full advantage of our anniversary promotion: Buy 12 months, get 6 additional months for free!

Laura Badiu

Laura is a passionate bookworm and a gifted writer. Since joining TrustYou’s marketing team, she has embraced topics in the travel and hospitality sector with enthusiasm. Using her degree in Journalism, Laura creatively weaves words into insightful stories with a focus on reputation management.

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