guest communication webinar

Spotlight On the Hotel Guest’s On-site Experience

by August 3, 2017 10:00 am Webinars

How your hotel communicates with guests has a direct effect on your guests' on-site experience. So how do hotels find the balance between maintaining the traditional standards of service while assimilating to the new ways of engagement that guests prefer? And how can technology help hotels find the right balance and ultimately garner the best possible rating and drive revenue?
Learn more about on-site experience solutions with the executives from StayNTouch, TrustYou and Fuel Travel. You will learn:

    • The preferred communication methods of today's guests
    • How giving guests a choice in service empowers your staff and guests
    • The correlation between messaging and guest satisfaction
    • Increasing your hotel ratings while driving more revenue
    • How to leverage technology to enhance the hotel guest onsite experience

Watch the Recording: