Rydges: Case Study

by February 15, 2013 7:27 am Customer Stories
Rydges is a family of hotels and resorts that combines a modern and genuine approach to service. Its employees strive to give every guest in its 40+ locations a relaxed and comfortable stay.
Rydges has been using the latest technology for monitoring reviews for years. The company was an early adopter of TrustYou’s latest monitoring tool and has placed an emphasis on guest feedback online. It was therefore no surprise that Rydges jumped at the opportunity to begin using TrustYou’s newest satisfaction surveys as a way to gain additional feedback. With these survey solutions, guests at Rydges now receive a Rydges-branded email and survey following their stay. These surveys have led to a sharp increase in number of verified reviews from real guests, which
has helped improve the chain’s overall scores and visibility. The reviews are also posted online for future guests to see, helping to improve SEO and foster more trust between travelers and Rydges.