guest communication webinar

Consumer Research Reveals Guest Preferences and Expectations for Direct Hotel Communication

by June 20, 2017 1:00 pm White Papers

Once a traveler becomes a guest, the lines of communication open up. In this research, we sought to identify the guest’s experiences and expectations through the means of digital correspondence between guests and their overnight stay providers. This relates to the guests’ pre-arrival and on-site experiences with a hotel during the guest journey. The following results are strongly related to previous research that focused on uncovering consumer behaviors during the search process leading up to the travelers’ booking decision.

Findings show:

  • The majority of guests (80%) expect hotels to initiate contact and reach out via email
  • 73% of guests have communicated with a hotel via online channels (email, text message, and/or social media)
  • Guests are significantly more likely to have a better communication experience when communicating through text messages and on social media
  • On-site hoteliers are the preferred point of contact, and guests are extremely likely (91%) to report service issues during their stay