Guest Experience

Bridge the Guest Experience Gap

by September 28, 2018 11:42 pm Webinars

Hotels today need to invest in a wider variety of check-in and service options to cater to varying guest preferences and empower staff to offer the desired level of service every time. From high touch service to self-serve, guests want to be in control of their stay.

Rather than solely relying on email or phone as primary communication streams, hotels should leverage technology to identify the preferred communication streams of each guest. With this knowledge, hotels can create more personalized, unique experiences and relationships with each guest. More and more guests are looking to interact via mobile and social channels, which ultimately means hotels will need to embrace this technology at every touch point.

In this tech-driven landscape, hoteliers need to find a better grasp of their understanding and utilization of guest data. With the right software in place, hoteliers can receive at-a-glance, centralized overviews of operations, bookings, trends, revenue, and guest information anytime, anywhere. By leveraging actionable insights from all sources and systems, hoteliers can finally feel more confident in their ability to grow their business and keep guests coming back.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the guest experience impacts a hotelier’s business
  • Which methods of communication lead to stronger guest satisfaction
  • The different ways hoteliers can take advantage of mobile technology
  • How to capture and utilize guest data to improve the guest experience




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