3 Essentials to Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

by February 1, 2017 1:00 pm Webinars

Your hotel’s bottom line is directly impacted by how guests experience your services and the unfiltered feedback they share across the internet. Having a plan to address these intricacies is fundamental to increasing your hotel revenue.

In the webinar slides, learn how your current guest experience and service practices affect future revenues and how your property can implement a robust hotel management strategy to positively impact your bottom line and streamline the guest journey. Executives from StayNTouch, TrustYou, and Revcaster present:

  • Why guest engagement, revenue management and guest reviews are fundamental to your hotel management strategy
  • How offering guests a choice in service streamlines the guest journey and increases guest satisfaction
  • Why managing revenue is more than just pricing rooms
  • The fundamentals of guest feedback and its influence on the entire guest journey
  • Why using the right data point is essential to managing your revenue and influencing the guest experience