What’s Wrong With Your Hotel

by April 2, 2013 2:38 pm Nas notícias

Good or bad, what ever you’re saying on the social web is being reviewed.  TrustYou, a company focused on reputation management for the hospitality industry,  has more than 10,000 customers in 60 countries and monitors over 400,000 hotels, providing an extensive base for competitive analysis.

TrustYou recently looked at one million comments from around the world to find out what guests love and what they complain about when it comes to hotel stays. More often than not, it is one in the same. Service, food, breakfast, cleanliness (or lack thereof), room size and pricing made appearances on both the top 10 complaints and compliments.

Here is what TrustYou found are the top 10 rants:

1. Unprofessional/incompetent service   (11785 mentions)
2. Small room   (8669 mentions)
3. Expensive/overpriced   (8390 mentions)
4. Tasteless, bad breakfast   (8243 mentions)
5. Bad food   (5956 mentions)
6. Dirty room   (5439 mentions)
7. Unfriendly service   (5123 mentions)
8. Bad bathroom   (4600 mentions)
9. Bad service   (4266 mentions)
10. Loud, noisy room   (4123 mentions)

And here is what they found as the top raves:


1. Friendly, professional, efficient service   (103440 mentions)
2. Great, well-situated location   (98668 mentions)
3. Good room   (40191 mentions)
4. Great food   (42868 mentions)
5. Great breakfast   (41356 mentions)
6. Clean room/hotel   (27513 mentions)
7. Large room   (23867 mentions)
8. Good, affordable price   (23292 mentions)
9. Good bed   (11369 mentions)
10. Nice view   (9147 mentions)

So what were the overall finding? TrustYou found that the number of raves far exceed the number of rants.

“There has been a tremendous growth in online feedback, especially as it relates to the hospitality industry,’” said Benjamin Jost, CEO and co-founder of TrustYou. “The comments are extremely valuable for both consumers and hoteliers,” he added.  “Travelers are able to get a peer’s opinion on a hotel experience and hoteliers are able to address the issues or misperceptions in a public forum.  This has brought an entire new level of transparency and accountability to the industry.”  The volume of online comments related to the hospitality industry is tremendous; TrustYou searches 700 reviews every single minute.

TrustYou’s monitoring dashboards capture sentiment and opinions from millions of comments from sources like Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yelp and more across 23 different languages and aggregates them  in one easy-to-view place so hoteliers can utilize that information.

What didn’t make it on either list might surprise you, it sure surprised me! Wifi or internet did not make the lists.  TrustYou says that “while there seems to be lots of talk surrounding hotel Internet (free vs. charging for it), that did not make the top 10 rant or rave. Is this no longer a big deal for guests? We wouldn’t go this far. Internet is still important, but paying for it might not be the “deal breaker” that it has often been singled out as.”

What does TrustYou suggest hotels do to win over guests?  Improve their service.  Service related rants appeared on the list three times and should be an area where hotels focus.

So what are your biggest rants?

Personally, I tend to agree with most of the items on the list. But if I had to name my top rants and raves (based on the 200+ nights I spent in hotels in 2012) I’d say:


1. Bad Service or Inconsistent Service

2. Dirty rooms

3. Lack of outlets for electronic devices/tools

4. Bad wifi or no wifi

5. Lack of consistent recognition of preferred guests program benefits


1. Location

2. Comfortable Bed

3. Good value for price paid

4. Good wifi that allows me to stream video or download video

5. Professorial Staff


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