10 Milestones In 10 Years – TrustYou’s Most Important Moments


TrustYou is 10 years old and we can say with complete honesty that it’s been an amazing ride!

These have been 10 years full of challenges and ambitious goals, of hard work and determination. We have been through so much, we always pushed hard and believed in our dream of improving the travel experience and helping hotels from all over the world. We are lucky enough to count on an incredible, global team, of different, passionate adventurers and we all work together as one.


Our journey doesn’t stop here though. Looking back and realizing how much we achieved in these 10 years, we are now more determined than ever to continue our work and make it even more ambitious. Every year, we learn more, we expand more, we work more. Our mission is something that we strongly believe in and our journey through these 10 years is proof that we achieved great things, in the name of excellence. Here’s how it all started and how we grew into what we are today: the world’s largest guest feedback platform and the top rated reputation management software.


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2008 - TrustYou Is Founded - The Adventure Begins!

After years of finding themselves in the position of frequent business and leisure travelers, Jakob Riegger and Benjamin Jost decided there had to be more to the guest journey. Guest feedback should be better managed, visible to travelers, and hotels should have the proper means of doing it. So they turned their vision and passion for excellence into reality. TrustYou was founded with the goal to make a true impact in the hospitality industry. And we are proud of what it is today: the world’s largest feedback platform, which helps hotel from all over the world manage and improve their online reputation.


2010 - Launches Online Reputation Management And Guest Survey Solutions For Hotels

Guest feedback has developed from word-of-mouth to something a lot more complex. Back in 2010, in what started to be a tech-driven era, hotels were still in need of a smart and sophisticated way of properly managing guest reviews. Since it was founded, TrustYou managed to get an in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry and it had already gotten a base of dedicated members. So it was no surprise that we came out with a solution in the form of guest surveys, so that hoteliers could easily get valuable feedback and insights into the guest experience. By using the TrustYou guest feedback platform, hoteliers are now able to customize surveys and send it out to their previous guests, in order to receive more reviews, and achieve an excellent reputation.


2013 - Meta-Review & Widgets Made Available To Hotels, Travel Websites, And OTAs

In 2013, we expanded our products and our influence even further in the industry and we started catering to more than hotels. We have always been aware of the increasing importance of visibility in the online world. This is why we focused our efforts into helping hotels boost that visibility, through their reputation, with the end goal of getting more bookings. We developed and released the meta-review widgets, fit for both hotel websites and travel sites and OTAs. The meta-review is a summary of guest reviews, gathered from different online sources. The meta-review widget is a quick and visually appealing way of displaying a hotel’s reputation, in order to influence the booking decision of travelers and help them get all of the necessary information on the spot.


2015 - Acquires Brand Karma And Strengthens APAC Market Presence And Growth

In 2015, we made our first big acquisition of a Singapore based company. In order to better consolidate the online reputation management sector in the travel industry, we took over Brand Karma’s ORM services and expanded our influence in the APAC region. Ever since, Brand Karma’s online reputation management platform and customer base has been handled by TrustYou to provide semantic analysis, reporting, competitive benchmarking, guest satisfaction surveys and other services, such as the Meta-Reviews platform for hotels and travel brands.


2016 - Google Licenses TrustYou Review Data On Google Hotel Search & Maps

Online visibility is vital for any business out there and we wanted to make sure that hotels’ reputation is noticed by as many travelers as possible, in order to catch their attention and drive them to make a booking. So in 2016, we extended our partnership with Google and provided hotel review scores (TrustScores) and review summaries for more than 300,000 hotels on Google. TrustScores and review summaries are also seen on hundreds of sites like KAYAK, Trivago, Hotels.com, Skyscanner, Wego, and more, to ensure that our clients get the highest level of online visibility possible. To achieve this, we have also developed the survey solution, which has the capability of being pushed to Google and allows hotels to get more reviews, a better ranking on Google and more future bookings. To understand how this all impacts a hotel’s rankings on Local Search and Maps, check out this Google blog post that explains the three key factors that influence rankings on Local Search and Maps.


2016 - Purchases Checkmate To Complete The Platform With TrustYou Messaging

2016 was a year in which the means of communications between hotels and their guests developed into an easier and more effective way: direct messaging. At TrustYou, we have always acknowledged the importance of keeping up with the tech trends in the industry and providing guests with personalized means of expressing their opinions, impressions and feedback. This is why we invested in the acquisition of Checkmate, a company previously known in the hospitality market as a provider of real-time messaging solutions. We integrated Checkmate’s technology into our own feedback platform, allowing hotels to enjoy a direct and real time way of receiving guest feedback. We have further developed this technology into what it is today: TrustYou Guest Messaging, a smart and effective, yet easy-to-use direct messaging platform, with live chat and voice messaging incorporated.


2017 - Recruit Holdings Acquires TrustYou To Accelerate Global Growth

Recruit Holdings, the Japanese giant internet and media group, decided last year to also expand in the hospitality and travel market. As a result, TrustYou was acquired by Recruit, and this was a major milestone in our company’s history. Jakob Riegger and Benjamin Jost remained at the head of our company, but with a newly-found support. Being acquired by such an influential company gave us new opportunities to develop and expand our influence in the global market. Also, through this investment, customers and partners now benefit from broader and faster product development, as well as optimized customer service and account management.


2017 - Live Chat Launched For All Customers

Every year, we continue to invest in our platform and the launch of the live chat feature of Guest Messaging was a big moment in our company’s history. We quickly realised that, in this tech-driven era, the need for immediacy is stronger every day and with this in mind, we focused our efforts on live chat. By enabling such a feature on their website, hoteliers are making sure that they keep the lines of communication constantly open, they ensure that communications are fast, easy and effective and that their brand is humanized and potent. If you want to get started with direct messaging and live chat, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you achieve your goals and an overall better reputation!


2018 - HTR Award - Top Rated Reputation Management Software

2018 started in the best possible way for our company, with a great and exciting milestone: TrustYou was granted the title of “top rated reputation management software” by Hotel Tech Report. The award is based on data from thousands of hoteliers in over 40 countries around the world. More than 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. We are beyond proud to say that we achieved a score of 100% on Hotel Tech Report, thanks to the feedback from our clients! This award comes as a confirmation of our hard word and passion for hospitality, guest feedback and excellence.


2018 - New Office for Our Headquarters

With our platform continuously improving and expanding its influence into different global markets, it’s only natural that our team would grow too! TrustYou started with only a handful of people and it has now gotten to the point where we need bigger office space to accommodate every member of the team. So in 2018, we are moving our headquarter in Munich to a bigger and better office and we’re making sure to save space for all the adventurers that are going to join us in the nearby future! This is such an exciting moment for us, since it’s a clear sign of a prospering and successful company: we strive for more, we work more, we are more!


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Laura Badiu

Laura is a passionate bookworm and a gifted writer. Since joining TrustYou’s marketing team, she has embraced topics in the travel and hospitality sector with enthusiasm. Using her degree in Journalism, Laura creatively weaves words into insightful stories with a focus on reputation management.

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