TrustYou’s Q2 2022 Pulse of the Industry Report Shows an Increasing Travel Appetite Despite Ongoing Challenges

by August 18, 2022 9:44 am Press Releases

Our worldwide analysis of 33.1 million guest reviews offers insights into the post-pandemic travel scene and hospitality trends as they happen.

The new edition of TrustYou’s Pulse of the Industry captures the evolution of travel and hospitality in Q2 2022.  

The second quarter of 2022 marked the beginning of long-awaited vacations, with many travelers enjoying their first holidays after two pandemic years. Travel appetite is increasing and points to a continuous recovery, with the global review volume reaching 72.2% of the total Q2 2019 reviews. Positive feedback remains high, at 92%, showing the continuous efforts hoteliers are putting into creating a memorable guest experience. A reputation management platform adoption supports hoteliers to effectively manage the guest experience from the pre-stay to post-stay phase, enabling instant communication which all helps to prevent negative feedback. 

 Our worldwide analysis of 33.1 million guest reviews offers insights into the post-pandemic travel scene and hospitality trends as they happen.

With many countries lifting or easing the restrictions, the pandemic is no longer the number one concern when it comes to traveling internationally. The surge in prices, coupled with travel chaos, are the main factors that may influence travel intent. So far, global events don’t seem to have a significant impact, and people are still taking their vacations.  

For additional analysis, the relevant insights capture global and regional trends for APAC, EMEA, and the US. Since each area has a different recovery rhythm, the report is separated by region to capture the specific data and trends related to that region.

Access the free report to get the latest insights into how travel performed in Q2 2022, TrustYou’s top and bottom Impact Scores, hospitality tech adoption and associated challenges, and what to expect throughout the year. 

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