TrustYou Sponsors Hotel Tech Report’s Official 2022 Guest Messaging Software Buyers Guide

by September 21, 2021 7:42 pm In The News, Press Releases

Hotel Tech Report launched the ‘Official 2022 Guide to Guest Messaging Software’ and the guide is now available free of charge to the entire hotel community thanks to sponsor TrustYou.

This is a critical time for buyers to be adopting Guest Messaging Software.  Contactless messaging and survey tools help to build strong guest relationships, ensuring a positive guest experience, before, during and after their stay. The current situation is not easy, but being able to provide the quality and the context that makes a difference is what matters in looking towards the future.

Inside the guide buyers will find skimmable data such as:

  • The latest trends in Concierge Software
  • Pricing considerations
  • Return on investment calculations
  • KPIs to track
  • Implementation expectations
  • Key integrations
  • Questions to ask vendors

“The hotel industry has been disproportionately impacted by the current pandemic and hotels everywhere have been forced to do more with less.  The hospitality industry as a whole has been incredibly resilient over the past 12-18 months with some hotel groups using this period as an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation initiatives at an unprecedented pace.  This Guest Messaging Software guide is designed to give buyers exactly the information they need to make an educated decision as they rethink the way they use technology in their hospitality departments,” says Hotel Tech Report CEO Jordan Hollander.

“TrustYou was the perfect sponsor for this project because the team deeply understands that smart buyers are researching all available options and TrustYou is focused on being a partner to the hotel industry regardless of whether they are making a sale.  That’s the mentality that makes industry leaders.”




About TrustYou 

TrustYou is on a mission to make communication and feedback simpler and more productive. All communication channels, together in one place, is the new way of doing business. Today, customers expect instant responses on their preferred communications channels. As a subset of communication, feedback is the foundation to build better products, services and companies. 

TrustYou helps companies win through the power of listening and provides a Guest Experience (GX) Platform that makes listening to customers easy, powerful, and actionable. The platform unlocks the potential of guest feedback and helps to: 

  • Create unlimited opportunities to listen and respond to guests’ needs.
  • Understand all reviews across the web and make better business decisions.
  • Publish hotel reviews on the website and on Google and allow positive feedback to influence bookings.

TrustYou empowers companies to earn trust, make better decisions, and ultimately, win. 

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