Room77 Increases Traveler Engagement with TrustYou Meta-Reviews

by May 21, 2015 6:25 am Press Releases

New York, NY and Munich, Germany – May 21, 2015 –International online reputation management leader TrustYou, and travel site, Room77, partnered in August 2013 to provide Room77’s travelers with a more user-friendly way to interact with travel reviews. And travelers are, indeed, interacting: they are engaging longer with content and showing increased intent to book.

As part of Room77’s mission to be the world’s best hotel search engine, the site integrated TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews™ onto its site. Meta-Reviews™ offer travelers overall ratings for hotels (excellent, very good, mediocre, etc.) based on verified reviews from across the web, sentiment category scores (such as ratings and review snippets for service, location, food, price, etc.), rating distribution details (how many ratings are five star, four star, and so forth), and more.

“Travelers want the most efficient way to find the hotel that meets their needs based on price, review ratings, and location. Integrating TrustYou’s data has enhanced our ability to provide the ideal hotel search experience, and travelers are responding positively,” said Room77’s CEO, Drew Patterson.

In the last six months, Room77 has found that:

  • On average, users stayed twice as long, increasing from 10 minutes to 21 minutes, when they looked at TrustYou review data.
  • Users who engaged with TrustYou reviews were 21% more likely to click on a “book” button to purchase or get more details on the price offered.

Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou said, “We know that 95% of travelers use reviews to make their booking decisions, and making the process of reading and reviewing travelers sentiments can only give Room77 a competitive advantage.”

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About TrustYou

TrustYou’s Mission is to positively influence travelers’ decisions. Reviews and user-generated content rank #1 in influencing travelers’ hotel selections and industry reputations. Digesting all of these opinions, however, is beyond any one person’s capacity. Each day things become more complicated because millions of new opinions in thousands of formats and dozens of languages enter the fray. TrustYou searches, analyzes and distills hundreds of millions of opinions scattered across this vast, fragmented market. Our products are extensively used by suppliers – hotels, accommodations, restaurants – to provide travelers with better services and enhanced offerings by monitoring, surveying and acting upon all worldwide guest feedback. Travel intermediaries – OTAs, meta-search, destination marketers – use TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews™ to help travelers purchase wisely. TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews™ are based solely on verified travel reviews. They do not include data from TripAdvisor.