Quebec Hotel Association Digs Deep into Data to Drive Strategy & Emphasize Service Across Region

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TrustYou Partners with Destination to Deliver Semantic Analysis of Online Reviews & Feedback on Over 20 Topics, from Service to Cleanliness, Restaurants to Rooms & More


Dallas, USA & Munich, Germany – June 24, 2013 – The Quebec Hotel Association (QHA) recognizes guest feedback is golden.  Good or bad, the online opinions expressed by travelers to Quebec are rich in data and trends that help to drive strategy and underscore the importance of delivering exceptional service.  QHA has partnered with TrustYou, an online reputation management (ORM) market leader and travel-technology company, to provide detailed semantic analysis to 900-plus hotels within Quebec.  Spanning over 20 areas which include service, ambiance, rooms, bathrooms, food, cleanliness, Internet, parking, location, grounds, pricing and more, hoteliers can now see how they are doing, with clear percentages of deviation in each category on a quarterly basis.  They are also able to see how they benchmark against the competition, number of total reviews and new reviews, among other important data points.


The first report, which was issued to hoteliers in June, took a look back at reviews from the past 24 months across 250-plus sites in over 20 languages.  “We want to better educate our hoteliers and give them a clear understanding of what is being said about them online.  Noting the trends, what our guests love and what we can enhance enables us as destination to deliver a superior experience,” said QHA President & CEO Danielle Chayer.  “We wanted to ensure all of this valuable online feedback was not falling on deaf ears.  By breaking it down into a categories with clear rankings this helps to inform strategy and create a road map to provide service that is as close to perfection as possible.”  QHA plans to take this data and incorporate the highlights into its customer service strategy, which they believe will prove to be invaluable.


Hotels are also provided with an overall TrustScore, which is a compilation of guest feedback across all major user-generated review sites to measure how a hotel is ranked in one single, easy-to-read, centralized TrustScore. Additionally the TrustScore is applied to each individual category so that hotels can see how they are doing in a variety of areas based on semantic analysis that would be virtually impossible for any person or team to dissect manually without this technology.


“Listening is key; it’s not optional.  The amount of information available online is tremendous and overwhelming at the same time,” said Alan Young, TrustYou’s SVP of marketing and strategic partnerships.  “We are providing the technology and analysis to show these hoteliers just what is being said and how it relates to the property’s performance.  Higher rankings ultimately translate into increased revenue.  Quebec is indeed ahead of other destinations in maximizing and applying what is a treasure chest of information for its hotel partners.”


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