A New Way To Collect Experience Feedback From Multiple Touch Points

by July 16, 2014 8:30 am In The News

TrustYou offers the capability to send multiple guest surveys per hotel for different hotel experiences.

New York, NY and Munich, Germany – July 10, 2014 – TrustYou is proud to announce that, with the delivery of its latest Hotel Reputation Management solution, it now includes the capability to send out multiple targeted surveys. Hotels can now send surveys post stay, during stay and directly related to the hotels outlets such as Spa, F&B, Events and any other business areas where guests have had an experience touch point with the hotel.

This advance in the solution is very important as hotels strive to deliver the best service possible within all outlets on property. The multiple survey solution allows for unlimited capabilities to ask guests questions about their specific experience and then analyze the outlets accordingly.

Users of TrustYou can now create multiple surveys for their hotels to treat different use cases, e.g. post-stay, onsite, event satisfaction, or survey guests who visited the restaurant or spa of the hotel only. There is also the capability to initiate separate settings and analytics for each survey.

“Every successful hotel needs a way to gather as much information possible to make the right decisions to deliver the best offerings and service possible. We believe that this enhancement to the TrustYou product will help our customers to become even better hoteliers”, stated Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou. “By using the multiple survey capability, hoteliers can also decide where they need to invest time and money based upon the opinion of their guests. Today, hotels are not only a place to sleep, they are multi-faceted service environments were every experience counts ”

With this latest product update, TrustYou continues to be the leading innovator for Hotel Online Reputation Management including all aspects from monitoring and responding to all reviews across the web, collecting GSS surveys and use the conversations in direct marketing with its marketing widgets and Meta-Reviews™.

About TrustYou

TrustYou’s Mission is to positively influence travelers’ decisions. We know that customers digest and leverage lots of opinions to make good choices, and we are passionate about better travel, tourism and hospitality experiences. Since 2008, TrustYou has set the standard for big data and online reputation management with solutions for hotels, restaurants, destinations and intermediaries to analyze online reviews, tweets and posts across the social web, to gather trusted reviews directly from its customers, and to use the authentic conversations to successfully market online reputations. To learn more, visit www.trustyou.com.

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