Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) Partners with TrustYou, the global leader in Online Reputation Management to Provide an Innovative Solution for its Members to Manage Online Presence

by February 11, 2014 2:32 pm Press Releases

Dallas, USA & Munich, Germany – February 11, 2014 –Good or bad, the online opinions expressed by hotel guests are rich in data and trends that help to drive strategy and underscore the importance of delivering exceptional service.  The Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) has partnered with TrustYou, the global leader in online reputation management (ORM) and travel-technology company, to provide detailed sentiment analysis to over 800 hotels in Alberta.  TrustYou will enable the AHLA to see how its members are doing related to a vast number of sentiments, including categories such as cleanliness, service, price, food and beverage, amenities, etc.  AHLA members are also able to see how they benchmark against the competition, the number of total reviews, and new reviews among other important data points.


Hotels will be provided with an overall TrustScore –a figure determined by compiling guest feedback across all review sites to measure how a hotel is ranked.  The TrustScore provides hoteliers with one single, easy-to-read, centralized figure to help recognize areas of achievement and improvement.  Additionally the TrustScore is applied to each individual sentiment category so that the AHLA can see how they are doing in a variety of areas based on semantic analysis that would be virtually impossible for any person or team to dissect manually without this technology.


“Understanding online review content in today’s travel industry is incredibly important; it’s not optional.  The amount of information available online is both tremendous and overwhelming,” said Alan Young, TrustYou’s SVP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.  “We are pleased to be providing the technology and analysis to help the AHLA not just understand what is being said, but also how it relates to the property’s performance.  Higher rankings ultimately translate into increased revenue.  We are extremely happy to be working alongside a hotel association as progressive as the AHLA, and we are expecting great things from this partnership.”


The first report, which was just delivered, takes a look back at reviews from the past 24 months from across more than 250 websites in over 24 languages.  “We want to help our members understand their online reputation so that they can manage it effectively.  Being able to review each area of their operation, whether it be service, facilities, price or amenities, having this knowledge is incredibly beneficial,” said AHLA President & CEO Dave Kaiser.  “Partnering with TrustYou just made sense. They understand the importance of consumer-generated data they collect. It is definitely a win/win.”




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