Discover the TrustYou adventure

How we work

We are innovative, tenacious, and passionate. We value open communication, low hierarchies, fast decision processes, and inspiring new ideas, with self-organization and a focus on quality results.

We step out of our comfort zone!

We are no longer a start up, but we maintain the spirit: Low hierarchies, fast processes, and flexibility have us stepping out of our comfort zone and taking over responsibility, driving our own projects and raising our voices if we have ideas for improvement.

We think outside the box!

We are committed to deliver quality results and we are driven by the desire to find new and creative solutions! We are working with cutting edge technology to constantly improve our product, we try to find the best way to introduce our product to potential customers and we are working hard to please our existing customers!

We are resilient!

We are mindful and self-reflecting, we don’t let setbacks demotivate us and we will try again if we don’t succeed at first. We are passionate, but we make sure to think before we act. We have enough free-time to relax or pursue our hobbies so we can give 100% while at work!