Weekly Roundup #50: Travel, Tech and Social Media

Week 50/2018

Hello and welcome to another Weekly Roundup! As always, we gathered the most important news of this week, so you could quickly recap them and to see what goes on in the travel and hospitality industry. Take a look below and don’t forget to follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

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Industry News

protel Enlists Hotel Tech Report to Deliver Next Generation App Store Experience:

protel has partnered with HotelTechReport.com to bring ratings and reviews to protel's App Store. protel clients can now research top rated hotel management software applications and instantly set them live, from directly within the protel Services Marketplace. By leveraging live data from Hotel Tech Report, the premier global research platform for hotel technology, protel is now able to deliver a truly next-generation app store experience for its clients. This partnership enables hoteliers to access Hotel Tech Report data and product recommendations right from within the protel Services Marketplace.

Hotelbeds Insights - 2018 Review and Forecast Trends for 2019:

Hotelbeds has prepared some testimonials about 2018, with insights about how the year has been for the industry and forecast for 2019. Some of the key messages that you will find in the document attached:The trend for intermediaries growing their share of hotel sales Vs the direct channel will continue into 2019 and beyond; Consolidation has been a key part of the accommodation sector over the last twelve months and will continue in 2019;  This year has seen a massive slowdown in the growth of alternative accommodation sector and we expect that to continue; The Chinese outbound market remains largely untapped. There are more insights into the extended trends report, so make sure to check that out.

Google Rolls Out Overlays for Hotel Highlight Icons:

Google started testing expandable overlays for hotel highlight icons last month and they seem to be rolling out now. Now, when you click on any highlight icon in Google hotel listings an overlay is triggered with more details about amenities and different features and you can swipe to see more highlights, expand more photos and reviews, or close the overlay view. Depending on the highlight Google can either let you know that a particular amenity is a rare find for hotels in the selected area or give it a rating from 1 to 5, which seems to be the average of all user reviews mentioning the highlight.


Trends and Insights

Live Chat – How Using a Small Widget Can Lead to Big Profit:

Direct messaging through live chat is one of those concepts with which we’re very familiar since we have thoroughly explored its features and benefits in order to develop our own tool. Our complete messaging solution, TrustYou Guest Messaging, enables a live chat widget, that is easily integrated on any hotel website or wifi page. In an effort to help hoteliers deliver the best possible customer support experience, as well as maximize their profits, our Guest Messaging solution now incorporates a new basic plan: Messaging Basic. Through the segmentation of our messaging solution, hoteliers can now choose the tools that they want to implement and leverage. Messaging Basic is represented by our live chat service, that can be integrated as a stand-alone feature. So how exactly does the TrustYou live chat work and how it can lead to profit? Find out in our latest article.

The State of the Global Travel Market:

As 2019 is approaching, it's a good time to review your business priorities and plan the year ahead. To make things easier, Regiondo decided to look at the most recent data on the travel market and turn it into useful information so travel industry professionals can make better business decisions and prepare for the new year. In this post, you’ll learn about the global tourism market size and discover the key facts around it. Topics include: What's the current state of the global travel and tourism market? Which are the most popular tourist destinations in the world? Where do tourists spend the most? The answer to these questions, along with useful graphics and statistics, can be found in this article.

Who’s Hurting Most in the Chinese Tourism “Cooldown”?

There’s an undeniable slowdown across the entire Chinese travel market right now, with travel-related retailers and destinations both struggling. Even executives at China’s biggest online travel agency Ctrip.com International have signaled that they expect an imminent “cooldown” in the market. Right now, the slump mostly has to do with anxiety surrounding economic fears, but the numbers are not looking good for a lot of Chinese travel industry players. In reality, there probably isn’t much of chance of a real slowdown in the Chinese travel market, but related companies will most likely continue to see their profit margins fall for a while. Read this in-depth article to have an overview of the analysis of the current Chinese travel market.



The Next Era of Restaurant Tech Is Making Eateries More Efficient And Profitable:

The applications for technology in our everyday lives have become virtually infinite and restaurants are no exception to that. There are emerging technologies that restaurants can use to increase efficiency and loyalty—and add to their bottom lines. If you’re not on the forefront of restaurant tech, get ready. The digital age is coming to restaurants, and you’re going to want to get on board. This insightful article from ChefHero explores what every modern restaurateur needs to know in regards of innovative restaurant tech, from influential tech trends, to how mobile delivery drives incremental revenue and much more.

Sentiment Versus Sentient: Taking Conversational AI Further in Travel:

Artificial intelligence applications that are currently being used in the travel and hospitality industries boast a myriad of benefits - from booking flights and hotels to organizing a traveler’s itinerary or suggesting places to visit - all through the platform of your choice. The next generation of conversational AI is complicated but within reach for hospitality and travel brands that want to deliver superior guest experiences using natural language chatbots. To have a successful exchange with a user, AI chatbots have to master several different types of observation. Planning, booking and servicing travelers demands visual feedback and specific answers that can’t be attained through voice interfaces alone - for example, browsing through photos to choose a resort stay, filtering through flight options, or watching a 360-degree video of a property.

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