A Hotelier’s Guide to Responding to Reviews

Hotelier's Guide to Responding to Reviews

We recently gave plenty of reasons why collecting more reviews is important. In a nutshell, more reviews equates to more revenue. Now, let’s take things one-step further; after receiving reviews, how should hoteliers react? Responding allows hoteliers to leverage its reviews into even more – more satisfied guests, more reviews and more bookings. One of the biggest benefits of responding is more reassured guests, as they see management is listening and cares; which has a ripple effect on reputation, revenue and positive word of mouth. Yet, 68% of hotels don’t respond. We created this best practices guide to help this silent majority.

Here you can check out details about the following:

Why responding is so important

Management replies give travelers a boost of confidence that the hotel is looking out for their interests and feedback. Seventy-one percent of travelers say that seeing a response is important to them. It reassures them. Therefore, it is no surprise that hotels that do respond to guests also see higher guest satisfaction and more reviews.

Responding to reviews

Framework for any response you write – positive and negative: We’ll start with the basics so that you have a simple framework for writing a response to any review.

Responding to positive reviews: Congrats! Your hotel received a glowing review! Read expert tips for writing great responses to positive reviews.

Responding to negative reviews: On the rare occasion that a negative review comes up (and it likely will from time to time), make sure to include these key points to write a stellar response to negative feedback.

Plus, examples of hotels that are benefitting from writing responses and get answers to your most commonly asked questions, including:

  • Which reviews should I respond to?
  • When should I respond?
  • Who should write the response?
  • Which sites allow me to respond?

Download the step-by-step guide to start responding now.

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