Top U.S. Destinations for Hotel Service and Traveler Satisfaction: New York Heads Both Lists


Best hotel service happens in New York and San Francisco, while top U.S. destinations for overall guest satisfaction include New York and Orlando, according to third-quarter traveler review scores

If service makes or breaks your vacation, you’ll want to know about the top travel destinations in the U.S. with the best hotel service as you begin making winter travel plans. According to third-quarter travel reviews, sure bets for great service among major U.S. markets are New York and San Francisco.

Best Hotel Service in the U.S. by City (3rd Quarter 2013, Major Markets)

1). New York                88.5

2). San Francisco         86.3

3). Chicago                  85.3

4). Denver            84.9

5). Seattle           84.8

6). Washington D.C.     84.4

7). San Diego               84.1

8). Tampa/St. Petersburg 83.8

9). New Orleans   83.5

10). Atlanta                  83.4

New York is the only city in the U.S. offering all-around excellent hotel service (a TrustScore of 87 or above*), while the West outperforms other U.S. regions with three cities on the top ten list—San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego—and an average Trust Score of 82.4 for the entire region for hotel service.

Overall TrustScores**, based on guest satisfaction with the entire hotel stay, show that travelers give excellent rankings to these top U.S. destinations: New York, Orlando, Chicago, Houston, and San Diego. “While service is, in general, one of the most important parts of the hotel experience, it’s clear that it’s not always the highest priority when you consider the top U.S. destinations based on overall guest satisfaction,” according to Alan Young, TrustYou’s Senior Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships.

Overall Hotel Guest Satisfaction by U.S. City (3rd Quarter 2013, Major Markets)

1). New York       90.5

2). Orlando          89.0

3). Chicago          88.1

4). Houston         87.5

5). San Diego      87.4

6). Phoenix          86.8

7). Boston           86.7

8). San Francisco         86.7

9). Denver            86.6

10). Las Vegas    86.5

Only five of the Top Ten Destinations for Hotel Service are among the Top Ten for Overall Hotel Guest Satisfaction. So while service may not be the high point for a destination such as Orlando (Service TrustScore: 79.9) or Las Vegas (Service TrustScore: 72), guests still enjoy their hotel experiences in the destinations nonetheless.

“Perhaps service is of less consequence in a destination such as Las Vegas that thrives on tourist attractions, or just as likely, guests may have lower expectations for service because they understand that the volume of visitors is high and the hotel rates are competitive,” notes Young.

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* TrustScores are based on a scale of 1-100, with anything 87 or above qualifying as “Excellent” performance.

** Overall TrustScores for guest satisfaction are based on the past two years of online hotel review scores across all review sites and a proprietary sentiment algorithm that considers positive and negative mentions. More recent reviews are given more weight than older reviews.

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