The future is trust: a people-first approach for the new era of hospitality

So much has changed in the hospitality industry, but one thing is certain to stay the same. In fact, at TrustYou we have spent the last months talking to hundreds of independent and enterprise hoteliers, as well as destination marketers, about the power of trust. The conversations typically take the same direction: quality, communication, relationships. It has never been more important to make that human connection.

In fact, too many hospitality businesses still don’t grasp just how important relationships truly are. For hotels and destinations, it means going beyond carefully analyzing consumer behavior, reviewing semantics and social validation to anticipate the expectations and needs of travelers. Today coming out on top is about crossing the contactless divide to get even more personal with messaging tools that allow for meaningful conversations with travelers. 

Messaging tools add more value to personalized communications 

There is a greatly underestimated opportunity in real-time messaging tools and surveys, as they allow for sparking relationships with real people, at any time and from anywhere. Ultimately, when you consider feedback, you know what matters to the guests and travelers you communicate with. It opens up a universe of possibilities in how to enhance their experiences and make them feel something using only digital tools.

Within this context, a cold and clinical business-only approach no longer cuts it in hospitality technology. While there will always be a firm focus on the product offer and the bottom line, the shift to deepening relationships is no longer only valid for hotel guests and travelers. It matters how we as professionals show up every day, how we communicate within the industry, and whether we stand together during trying times. A professional relationship can now, more often than not, do with a personal touch that makes individuals feel valued and appreciated.

An upgraded approach for a new era of trusted relationships

We call this ‘relationship innovation’ at TrustYou, building our own achievements on how we relate to others. Our values have always been based on listening and then acting to put together the solutions that would make the biggest difference for the businesses we work with. Our client success stories are overwhelmingly set off by great conversations and consistent support. Our people are inspired to make it matter.

As we now set off into this new era, we are determined to build it on trust. We are invigorated to evolve and we are excited to introduce you to our new and improved company look and feel. We are still the biggest database of guest reviews in the world and have a growing string of HotelTechAwards year-on-year,  but more than that: we are here for you and you can rely on us for more than strictly business. 

Join us live on LinkedIn for the launch of our updated brand image. We can’t wait to share our fresh new look with you and embark on this new era of trust together.

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Tony Ciccarone

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