Summer Travel Forecast: The Top Destinations, Hotels, and Money-Saving Tips

The Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Travel Index revealed today that more than half of Americans (52%) plan to take a summer vacation this year, and these travelers are expected to spend a record $100 billion on their summer vacations. To ensure they get the most from their summer vacations (and to give their wallets a break!), we partnered with Hopper to create a summer travel guide full of the top destinations and hotels and great money-saving summer travel tips.

Some of the highlights are below, but make sure to check out the full report here.


  • Las Vegas is the most popular domestic destination this summer, followed by Los Angeles, Orlando, Honolulu, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Denver, and Miami
  • The cheapest flights to the top 10 domestic destinations are at the end of August, while end of June and start of September are currently the most expensive
  • To find the best weeks for travel between specific markets and the best days to book and fly, use Hopper’s when to fly and buy reports.
  • New York City has the highest rated hotels, according to TrustYou’s analysis of all reviews and social mentions worldwide. To find the best destinations globally, check out TrustYou’s destination reports.


Laura Badiu

Laura is a passionate bookworm and a gifted writer. Since joining TrustYou’s marketing team, she has embraced topics in the travel and hospitality sector with enthusiasm. Using her degree in Journalism, Laura creatively weaves words into insightful stories with a focus on reputation management.

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