Responding to Hotel Reviews: Decide What Kind of Hotel to Be (Tip 1)

Hotel reputation management has evolved. It’s about more than whether or not hotels choose to respond. The “when” and “how” of the reply means a lot to guests who are using the responses to make travel decisions. We’ve published guidelines for responding to hotel reviews before, but here are a few extra tips to consider that will help set your hotel apart.

First up: consistency is key. There are four types of hotels when it comes to reputation management. First, there’s the hotel that responds to everything (kudos!) and does it in a timely manner—within one to two days. Second, there’s the hotel that doesn’t respond to anything. Third is the property that only responds to negative reviews. And last is the hotel that responds to a few positive and negative reviews here and there, but lapses frequently.

This last category—the ones who are erratic about responses—may be doing their reputation the most damage. The way hotels handle responses, from timeliness to tone, is an indication of what guests can expect before, during, and after their visits. Responding erratically may suggest inconsistency in overall service.

Tip #1: How you handle responses can be as meaningful as what you say in those responses. Choose how you are going to handle responses and stick with it. If you’re not able to respond to everything, then start by responding to negative reviews and do it regularly. Look like a well-oiled machine.

Tony Ciccarone

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