Best Hotels in Rome, Decided by Travelers Worldwide

It’s Monday, and here at TrustYou HQ, that means it is time for a fresh new weekly Ranker Report. These reports recognize the world’s top hotels in popular destinations worldwide, and today, we’ve analyzed the best hotels in Rome.

The ranks are based on TrustScore, a singe score based on reviews and sentiments across all review sites, blogs and social media comments worldwide (TripAdvisor, Expedia, Google+, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and hundreds of niche sites where guests can leave comments). See below for hotels that round out the top 20, or download the full report for an in depth look at review scores and sentiment analysis (service, price, room, food, management response rates, etc.) for the top 50 hotels in Rome.

Download the full report >>

Hotel TrustScore
Portrait Suites 97.05
Palm Gallery Hotel 95.90
Villa Spalletti Trivelli 95.81
Albergo del Senato 95.08
Hotel Barocco 94.36
Pensione Barrett 93.85
Residenza Cellini 93.81
Hotel Artemide Roma 93.11
Babuino 181 93.09
Hotel Golden 92.84
The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma 92.33
Hotel Lunetta 92.09
River Palace Hotel 92.06
Rose Garden Palace 91.89
Vatican View 91.81
Hotel Fortyseven 91.79
iQ Hotel Roma 91.76
Relais 6 91.61
Hotel Canada 91.43
Hotel de Monti 91.38

Here are some additional findings from TrustYou’s analysis:

  • Average TrustScore for the hotels on the list: 90.98 (out of 100)
  • Average number of reviews per property in the last 60 days: 50
  • Rising stars (hotels with the biggest improvements in TrustScore in the last three months): Hotel De Russie (+7.06), Hotel Aurelius (+4.63), Donna Camilla Savelli (+4.55)
  • Most responsive hotel (among hotels with more than 10 reviews this month): Hotel De Petris, San Anselmo
  • Hotels with the best service scores: Columbia Hotel, Hotel Aurelius, Aldrovandi Residence City Suites, Pensione Barrett

Download the report for a full analysis of Rome's 50 best hotels >>

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