Il Team Esecutivo

Benjamin Jost

Benjamin Jost, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ben ha avviato TrustYou, nel 2008, con una semplice idea: rendere accessibile e comprensibile il feedback generato dagli utenti. Guida TrustYou con passione, idee innovative e mente aperta, per dare slancio a tutto il potenziale della piattaforma di feedback, del team e della sua leadership. Prima di TrustYou, si teneva ben occupato essendo un aspirante calciatore, studiando per il Master of Science in Electrical and Information Technologies e iniziando a lavorare nel Venture Capital e nel Corporate M&A nel settore delle energie rinnovabili.

Dr. Nikolai Visnjic 1

Dr. Nikolai Visnjic, Chief Financial Officer

Nikolai always had a passion for numbers, economics, venture capital and private equity. So much, that he even decided to dedicate his PHD thesis to these topics. At TrustYou, he oversees all finances, analyses, planning and budgets. Prior to being a CFO, he started out as analyst and took on leading positions at investment groups and consultancies. To balance out his desk time, he takes his motocross bike and tackles high hills, dirty ponds and rough tracks.

Nao Shitara

Nao Shitara, Senior Vice President of Global Sales

As our Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Nao Shitara is in charge of overseeing and managing the global market and the regional portfolio of TrustYou clients. Nao is an experienced professional, with an extended background in sales, product, and marketing within Recruit, one of Japan’s most influential companies. She has previously handled the business development side of the restaurant industry, as well as the development, business alliance, and integration of overseas companies working in the travel industry. Nao’s professional drive and ambition come from the belief that feedback truly has the power to improve businesses and people’s lives in general.

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Jacek Mech, Senior Vice President of Engineering

Jacek Mech started his career in Warsaw, working as System Analyst and joined TrustYou in 2011 as a Senior Architect. Jacek worked his way up in the last ten years and is currently our Senior Vice President of Engineering, his experience and constant dedication bringing high value to this job. His focus points as the head of the engineering department revolve around technology and the processes improvement on the department level, as well as translating product to technology strategy.