The Value of Cross-Channel Communication Between Hotel Staff and Guests

by February 21, 2018 10:54 am

How Hotels Can Use Text and Voice Messaging to Increase Guest Satisfaction and Improve ROI


What is the future of communication in the hospitality industry? Today’s new technology is establishing improved channels of communication between a hotel and their guest before, during, and after their stay. The result is increased staff efficiency, more positive online reviews, and most importantly, higher ROI. Join TrustYou and Volara in this 30-min webinar to learn:

  • How multi-channel communication methods benefit a hotel
  • The value of cross-channel messaging through Voice and SMS
  • How to create consistency across communication channels
  • Use-cases for text and voice messaging, including when and when not to “Bot”
  • Established best practices (and results) from leading hotels!


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