Tech Stack

The Hotelier’s Tech Stack Guide: Must-Have Technologies That Impact The Guest Journey

by May 17, 2018 2:01 pm eBooks

Modern hoteliers often find themselves in need of a tech stack guide, to help them break down this new tech-driven world. Hospitality is deeply impacted by rising technologies that consistently change the face of travel and, working in this industry, it is no longer an option not to be tech-savvy.
In this eBook, you will discover an in-depth analysis of the following topics:

  • Which systems are must-haves for optimal hotel operations and which ones are nice-to-have
  • How the search and booking phase is influenced by the booking engine, the reservation system, the channel manager and live chat
  • Why customer relationship management, the property management system, direct messaging, and the internet of things matter in the on-site phase
  • How a guest feedback platform and a revenue management system have a deep impact after the guest leaves the hotel
  • What benefits can be collected after the use of innovative concepts such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality
  • How these systems impact the overall guest experience and a hotel’s success rate

Download the eBook and learn more about how technology can impact the entire guest journey, as well as boost your hotel's reputation and revenue!