TrustYou Launches Advancement of the TrustYou Radar App: “Social Radar” Enables Hotels to Receive Social Data in Real-Time

by March 10, 2016 9:40 am Communiqués de Presse

Munich, 10 March 2016 - Today, TrustYou announces a major advancement to its well-established app – TrustYou Radar – which is the mobile addition to TrustYou Analytics and connects all users with TrustYou while on the go. The newly developed “Social Radar” features collect and display different kinds of social media data about the hotel in real-time. This enables hoteliers to immediately analyze and react to social media posts that are tagged with the hotel or in the location. These include Facebook posts, tweets that mention the @handle of the hotel on Twitter, and Instagram pictures tagged in the geo-location of the hotel. TrustYou Radar now channels the huge amount of social media data across the web in a mobile-friendly way and shows the most recent posts to the user in a straightforward interface.


Furthermore, in-app notifications pop up as soon as a new post is written and hotels can easily and directly respond to these social posts from the app. This leads to a positive customer relationship with guests and encourages interested travelers to book the hotel. Moreover, useful insight into the property’s performance can be drawn and operations can be improved in real time, meaning the guest can be directly addressed while still on-site to ensure a satisfying stay.

Additionally, hotels can use the collected social content for marketing purposes with the newly introduced Social Gallery widget, which can be incorporated into the hotel’s own website. Social Radar allows users to highlight their preferred posts with a star, which then automatically pushes them to appear within the Social Gallery. Including user generated content enhances trust among travelers with their peers’ opinions whether it is in the form of social media content or guest reviews - such as TrustYou Meta-Reviews - on hotels’ websites. Furthermore, additional content increases direct bookings due to a high level of provided information right at the source.  
Benjamin Jost, CEO and co-founder at TrustYou, adds: “We are able to collect all guest feedback from every channel and transform them into trackable data points for hotels - from guest surveys, to reviews, to social posts and pictures happening in and around the hotel in real time. The simple integration of social content into the hotel website through the Social Gallery widget adds an emotional value and gives insights into experiences with pictures and personal stories in order to encourage travelers to book direct.”

TrustYou Radar with its new feature Social Radar is now available on iOS  and Android.



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