, “The Fastest Way to Book Your Next Hotel Stay,” Joins Travel Giants Kayak and Hipmunk as Part of The TrustYou Family

by May 18, 2015 6:36 am Communiqués de Presse

In Anticipation of Summer Travel, Integrates TrustYou Reviews to Further Enhance Travelers’ Hotel Booking Experience

May 18, 2015 – Munich, Germany and Arlington, VA, USA: Just in time for summer travel, The Fastest Way to Book Your Next Hotel Stay,” is excited to announce the launch of their partnership with TrustYou, the inventor of the Meta-Review™, the world’s first and biggest structured review database, pulling verified reviews from across the web to allow travelers to make the most informed decisions possible. StayFaster has joined the list of respected travel platforms that TrustYou chooses to work with, validating their role as a key player in the hospitality space.

Launched in 2014 by a team of former Marriott executives, StayFaster has already been praised by Travel + Leisure,  Tnooz, and The Examiner for it’s easy to use, streamlined interface. The addition of TrustYou enhances the credibility of StayFaster’s brand and helps travelers make booking decisions even faster.

“TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews™ help travelers assess a hotel’s reputation to make the best possible booking decision. By incorporating this data onto its site, StayFaster provides travelers with all the information they need to quickly find the right hotel for their needs, which ultimately enables them to have a better experience at the hotel that they book. We are excited about this partnership with StayFaster to improve travelers' experiences when searching for and booking a hotel," said TrustYou’s EVP of Sales, Ellis Connolly.

“This partnership with TrustYou has been a long-term goal of ours, since we first launched. Seeing it in action has been incredible, and we truly believe it will enhance our customers’ experience on the site. We look forward to integrating it into our mobile platform, StayAtHand, in the near future as well, ” said StayFaster’s CEO, John K. Hart.

The Meta-Review is a text summary derived from a semantic analysis of all verified reviews worldwide. Every Meta-Review consists of a TrustScore™, a hotel’s rankings, and a snapshot of the hotel’s most talked about features. So, rather than reading review after review, travelers are now able to see a high level summary of the information they really need to make an informed decision. TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews make the booking process faster and easier for travelers across all devices, particularly on mobile, where a traveler’s time and space is limited, according to a recent study.

TrustYou supports StayFaster’s mission to bring hospitality back to the industry. StayFaster offers customers superior search, one-click cancellation, honors all established reward programs, provides a real hotel confirmation number, allows guests to pay after they stay, and supports its community of travelers with a 24/7 customer service team. StayFaster is the fastest way to book hotels online and it is the only site that allows frequent travelers to earn their hotel reward points in all reward programs.

StayFaster’s parent company, Imagine If, Inc. recently closed a $3M seed round from strategic investors and hotel insiders including Chris Zoladz, the Former President of Information Protection & Privacy at Marriott International, Inc., Carl Wilson, the Former CIO at Marriott International and Scott Bedbury, the Former Chief Marketing Officer at Starbucks and Worldwide Advertising Director at Nike. The company is currently in the midst of their Series A.


About Imagine If, Inc.:

Imagine If, Inc. is a team of hotel insiders building innovative products that are revolutionizing the way rooms are found and sold online, with a core focus on customer service. We view you as our customer, not as a user. We focus on the relationship, not the transaction. We believe people should come first, that brand matters, and that consumer privacy is a bedrock value. We also offer hotels a new business model, reducing the cost that they pay to acquire a reservation by 90% compared to other online travel agencies. We support their loyalty programs, differentiate their brands, and provide actionable business intelligence. For more information, visit and

About TrustYou:

TrustYou’s mission is to positively influence travelers’ decisions. Reviews and user-generated content now rank #1 in influencing travelers’ hotel selections and industry reputations. Digesting all of these opinions, however, is beyond any one person’s capacity. Each day things become more complicated because millions of new opinions in thousands of formats and dozens of languages enter the fray. TrustYou searches, analyzes and distills hundreds of millions of opinions scattered across this vast, fragmented market. Our products are extensively used by suppliers – hotels, accommodations, restaurants – to provide travelers with better services and enhanced offerings by monitoring, surveying and acting upon all worldwide guest feedback. Travel intermediaries – OTAs, meta-search, destination marketers – use TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews™ to help travelers purchase wisely. TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews™ are based solely on verified travel reviews. They do not include data from TripAdvisor. Visit for more information.