Does Your Community Know You’re Listening?

Turn Reputation Management into Revenue

Earlier in the week we chatted about a few Facebook tips, and I mentioned that brand, reputation, and revenue are all intertwined. Not a new idea. Yet, I don’t see hotels making obvious use of this on social media. I’m sure some of you are out there doing this. Saying, for instance, “Hey, we’re getting a lot of comments about how expensive our parking is. Let’s create a package that includes parking and get it out there in our comments.”


So how about creating a regular “We Heard You” promotion on Facebook designed entirely to respond to the suggestions of the community. Maybe it’s sometimes about complaints, maybe it’s sometimes about what everyone loves. Either way, it’s a nice way to let your community know you’re listening and to turn your reputation management directly into revenue. And it’s a dialogue starter… if you’re needing new ideas for the package, you can simply ask the community.


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