Travelers Now Read Hotel Reviews in a Revolutionary New Way: Meta-Reviews™ Summarize Everything Said About Hotels

by February 5, 2014 12:00 am Somos noticia

 More than 120 Sites use TrustYou’s Meta-ReviewsTM to help travelers make better choices.

New York, NY and Munich, Germany – February 5, 2014 – Since launching in late 2013, TrustYou has integrated its Meta-Review solutions and TrustScore into a large number of OTAs, Metasearch sites, GDSs and Destination Marketing Organizations. The Meta-Review is a text summary derived from a semantic analysis of all reviews worldwide. The TrustScore represents the overall reputation score for a particular hotel based on all reviews, with newer written reviews carrying more weight than older ones.

“When we evaluated TrustYou’s Meta-Reviews, it was obvious that this will change the search-shop-buy experience for travelers on our site. The presentation of a meaningful trusted summary of a hotel’s reputation in 26 languages is a great advantage to find the best hotel in the least amount of time,” stated Ross Veitch, CEO of, a leading Metasearch site in Asia.

The interest and adoption of TrustYou’s Meta-Review solution has been significant. TrustYou quickly won 120 industry partners that are already using or are about to implement TrustYou’s data for 420,000 hotels in order to make the decision process for travelers easier. These include Kayak, Gogobot, CheckinCanada in the US and Canada; Tengoqueviajar in South America; and in Asia; Lastminute in Europe; Oktogo, OneTwoTrip and Hotelscan in Russia; Ixigo and findmyCarrots in India and the GDS Sabre Travel Network.

Chris Kroeger, SVP, Sabre Travel Network, about the integration of TrustYou within Sabre: “The TrustYou Sabre Red App provides incredible time saving for agents while giving them a global, comprehensive look at what travelers have said with one simple click. This allows agents to dramatically reduce research time on a hotel’s reputation.”

Better Search

The Meta-Review helps build better search experiences for consumers. Searches and filters like “Best family friendly hotel in Bangkok with clean rooms and central location” become possible, giving travelers the chance to drill down to the most relevant results in the least amount of time.

Language Agnostic

The international adoption was made possible by TrustYou’s algorithms that understand sentiment. The outcome of such an analysis is language agnostic, making Meta-Review data available in 26 languages and growing.

Super Mobile Friendly

On mobile, where time of users is limited, a quick and trusted summary of a hotel’s reputation helps travelers to quickly identify positive and negative aspects of a hotel. This positively influences the search-shop-buy experience on every mobile application.

Hoteliers’ Influence 

Hoteliers monitor the same data that influences millions of travelers with TrustYou’s reputation monitoring solution, allowing them to quickly identify weak spots and fix operations.

“Every successful marketplace needs a trusted reputation system. We believe that our independent, trusted Meta-Reviews can achieve this for the travel eco-system”, stated Benjamin Jost, CEO of TrustYou. “By using intelligent big data analysis and semantic technology, we are able to automatically analyze review insights. The comprehensive summary allows travelers to make better decisions in less time.”

Sobre TrustYou

TrustYou’s Mission is to positively influence travelers’ decisions. We know that customers digest and leverage lots of opinions to make good choices, and we are passionate about better travel, tourism and hospitality experiences. Since 2008, TrustYou has set the standard for big data and online reputation management with solutions for hotels, restaurants, destinations and intermediaries to analyze online reviews, tweets and posts across the social web, to gather trusted reviews directly from its customers, and to use the authentic conversations to successfully market online reputations. To learn more, visit


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