Okanda Uses TrustYou Meta-Reviews to Help Businesses Plan Meetings

by August 11, 2015 8:10 am Notas de prensa

Munich, Germany – August 11, 2015 – Okanda, a platform to help businesses find and book the right hotels for meetings, has integrated TrustYou Meta-Reviews to its booking engine. TrustYou Meta-Reviews have been incorporated as part of the hotel meeting room search platform to help planners quickly assess whether a property will meet their business needs.

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Okanda’s display of Meta-ReviewsTM offers planners the average rating of a hotel based on reviews from across the web. Additionally, planners may see the hotel’s rank in terms of a percentage of all hotels based on the property’s category, such as top 2% city hotel and top 18% luxury hotel, as well as rich snippets of what travelers have to say about the property (i.e., “Excellent city hotel.”)

Perhaps most importantly, Okanda.com displays rankings specific to business travelers along side actual business traveler comments. This affords planners quick insight into whether a hotel is capable of handling business needs from professional services to F&B.

“Meta-ReviewsTM are a win-win. Hotels increase their meeting room occupancy when planners are able to easily identify the hotel’s strengths, while planners have immediate access to traveler opinion, which further simplifies their ability to make an informed decision on the fly,” says Dirk Führer CEO of Okanda.

With Okanda, planners are able to thoroughly research the hotel, identify the appropriate available meeting space for their layout needs, order amenities such as a facilitator’s kit, flip charts, breakfast, and lunch, and reserve the space all in a matter of minutes.

Benjamin Jost, CEO and Co-Founder of TrustYou. notes, “For meeting planners, their reputation rests at least partially on the hotel’s reputation, which includes a property’s ability to serve their group of colleagues or clients. Making the hotel’s rank and reviews crystal clear, as Okanda.com has done, builds confidence that the property will deliver the level of service a company requires.”

For more information about TrustYou’s online reputation management solutions, please contact Margaret Ady at margaret.ady@trustyou.net.

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