Responding to Hotel Reviews: It’s Possible to Make It Worse (Tip 4)

Isn’t responding what’s important? Can the message actually make it worse? Yes, it can.

My last post talked about disparity in responses to hotel reviews. I think this is a prime example of how it can actually make a guest feel worse about their stay (i.e., failure to address everyone at the same level, with the same voice, and with the same courtesy).

Here’s another way replies can make it worse, and I suspect is far too common. Here’s an actual sign off a hotel used when responding to a guest issue. Previous to this, the message to the guest was a very generic, “I’m sorry you were disappointed.” It was fine, though it didn’t offer any reason to return nor did it address issues in detail. The message:

“If there’s anything we can do to make your next stay more comfortable, ask the Manager on Duty.”

Whoa Nelly! My first response if I’m this guest is “what makes you think I’m ever staying at your hotel again. You haven’t given me any reason to return.” Second, what’s with contacting the Manager on Duty?” Give them someone to contact now, so that they’ll bother to return one day.

Tip #4: Yes, it’s possible to make the situation worse when responding to guest reviews. Take great care with your phrasing and consistency to ensure that your replies are actually a remedy.

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Tony Ciccarone

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