Motel One Fulfills Guest Expectations with Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Post-stay feedback surveys are one of the most effective feedback channels and are the easiest way to get direct insights about guest experiences.* In early 2016, TrustYou collected data from over 4 million reviews and found out that nearly half of all hotel reviews are solicited by the hotels themselves.

Here is the break down:

44% - Surveys collected by hotels

41% - Online Travel Agencies

15% - Travel Sites and Social Media

Sources Reviews

TrustYou client, Motel One, began utilizing the guest feedback platform and survey solution back in 2013. They sought to prove that a budget-friendly, unique, and consistent hotel experience can pay off. They needed to prove the concept by asking the guests directly, taking their opinions into account, and displaying the results broadly on the website.

A Simple Concept With Great Success

Motel One, with its turquoise signature brand color, became a widely known hotel brand in Europe with the simple concept of “great design for little money”.  Founded in the year 2000, the hotel group has mastered the challenge to become a thriving, low budget, design hotel. This success is reflected through several awards, increased capacities, and the large number of satisfied guests. With the current 55 hotels and more than 14,000 rooms, Motel One has become one of the largest providers in Europe with properties in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands and the UK, within the budget sector. Current ambitions include the expansion to new and highly frequented locations in major European cities followed by the expansion into smaller cities. This has already been successfully pursued with the additional 25 hotels, housing  10,000 rooms, which are currently being added to the company’s portfolio.

Surveys as a Satisfaction Indicator

Motel One provides hotel essentials at an attractive price and focuses on central locations and fashionable design.  However, some of the initial concepts implemented as part of this strategy didn’t meet hotel guests’ approval and were changed as a result from analysing guest surveys.

“At first, hand soap was not part of our minimalist concept in our rooms”, explains Daniel Müller, Chief Operating Officer at Motel One. “However, the post-stay surveys and the related analyses provided by TrustYou revealed that a larger number of guests felt the need of this particular amenity. We took this issue to our management meetings and decided to provide an organic solution for a hand soap dispenser in our rooms ever since.”

After thorough consideration, Motel One started to equip or upgrade the rooms with safes, as guests outlined repeatedly that they looked for a way to safely store their jewellery and technical equipment.

Fulfilling Guest Expectations

Motel One continues to value feedback very highly and shares the survey results prominently on their website in order to show travelers what to expect from each property.

“We have nothing to hide. Our guests know and appreciate our concept. We have realized that ever since we started to use TrustYou Stars, we could not only significantly increase our number of reviews, but also enhance our overall score for the entire chain”, adds Daniel Müller. “We value the opinions of guests very much and we are happy to see that 62% of  guest reviews come directly from our surveys.”

The numbers speak for the success of the company. In 2016, 97% of all guest reviews were positive.

*Find out how to design smart surveys for your hotel in our free e-book.

Katharina Heitmann

Katharina loves the tourism and hospitality industry. In the past decade, she has done it all - from graduate studies, working at Disneyland, and climbing the hotel ladder, to marketing, PR, and communications. At TrustYou, her goal is to show how ORM and review marketing lead to a hotel’s success.

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