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Happy Friday once again! We are back with this week's favorite travel, tech and social media stories.

This week we're taking a look at the last minute hotel bookers and ways to effectively target them, some examples of great travel marketing campaigns that you can learn from and tips on how to set your hotel SEO strategty straight, plus a lot of exciting industry news.

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Industry News

Google Rolling Out New Tag Like Attribute for Hotel Listings

Remember back in 2010 when Google rolled out “Tags” to allow for paid enhancement of your local listing? Well, at least in the Hotel world, its deja vue all over again as these paid insertions into the free Local Pack seem to have made a comeback.

Kayak Moves into Restaurant Search, Makes a U-Turn on Activities

Kayak has confirmed it will soon be launching products for travelers looking for places to eat, and tours and activities. Chief technology officer Giorgos Zacharia says: “The ability to search for restaurants and activities on Kayak gives our users a more comprehensive experience and the ability to tackle more aspects of their trip planning and management in one place.”

Expedia, Millennials and the Pattern Recognition Business

Expedia has conducted research into the behaviour of Millennials when searching and booking travel. It’s not ground-breaking, but more of an affirmation of some of the trends out there on the attitudes and habits of this generation and how it might shape travel going forward. Highlights of the study, which was carried out by the Future Foundation, include how influenced this “cohort” is by its social network as well as its desire for authentic and personalised travel experiences.

TripAdvisor Claims $478 Billion Boost to Travel Economy from Reviews

Bragging rights for the week go to TripAdvisor, which has made some massive claims as to its ability to generate money for local economies and the industry.

Airbnb Vies for More of Users' Time Through Content Driven Features à la TripAdvisor

Airbnb wants to become a comprehensive travel content destination by adding city guidebooks to the application while also unveiling a new matching system and an international campaign as it looks to lengthen users’ time on the platform.

Trends and Insights

10 Examples of Great Travel Marketing Campaigns

From Airbnb to Thomas Cook, Econsultancy picked some pearls from the travel sector in this article, presenting some of the best online marketing campaigns of the past month.

Hotels that Respond to TripAdvisor Reviews Will See Revenues Rise, Up to a Point

If you’re a hotelier or hotel manager, it pays, literally, to respond to online reviews, but only up to a certain point.

Who's Looking to Book a Hotel Last Minute? Sojern Data Sheds Light

One of the most important steps is to understand the last-minute hotel booker, when they book, and for what kind of trips. You can’t effectively target your consumers if you don’t know when they’re looking.

How to Set Your Search Engine Optimization Straight

The world of search marketing is a constantly evolving, and in the ultra-competitive hotel industry, properties battle not only other hotel websites and chains, but also OTAs and meta-search sites to rank well on Google.

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