Measuring ROI without Looking at ROR? You’re Missing Out.

Relationships = Big Returns

Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias, and author of Return on Relationship TM visits TrustYou for an exciting webinar on January 14 with TrustYou Co-Founder & CEO Benjamin Jost.

There’s a big focus on ROI.  What about ROR?  If you are not looking at the value of your customer relationships and listening to what is being said you are missing out.

The value of relationships is what our friend Ted Rubin, author, marketer and social media strategist has coined, Return on Relationship™ (ROR). As Ted says, “Return on Relationship™ (ROR), simply put, is the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship, whereas ROI is simple dollars and cents. ROR is the value (both perceived and real) that will accrue over time through loyalty, recommendations and sharing, and is used to define and educate companies, brands, and people about the importance of creating authentic connection, interaction, and engagement.”  Relationships are the cornerstone of the hospitality business, are they not?

On January 14, 2013, return on relationship will collide with return on reputation (that’s where we come in) as Ted Rubin joins our co-founder and CEO Benjamin Jost for a webinar that is sure to demonstrate the power of both relationships and reputation management.  When you have your arms around both the other big R (revenue) is sure to benefit as well.

TrustYou’s tools help hotels manage its reputation by working on its relationships with guests. We offer simplified ways to listen to guest wants and needs, and allow hotels proactively respond to guest opinions.

Ted believes the key to continued success for any brand/retailer is identifying with the customer. Ted is quick to point out “listening is finally getting the respect it deserves through Social Media… listen and adjust your message to make it relevant to your consumer. Brand loyalty declines due to lack of relevance… a direct result of not listening. Number one is always trying to understand who your customer is and stay true to your brand.”

Be sure to save the date: January 14, 2013. You won’t want to miss this enlightening “Return on Relationship Collides with Return on Reputation” discussion. Sign up for the webinar here.

Learn more about ROR here.

Sign up to pre-Order Ted Rubin’s book, Return on Relationship here.

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