Weekly Roundup #17: Travel, Tech and Social Media

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Week 17/2018

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s time for the Weekly Roundup once more, so take a look and get you dose of information. As usual, we have hospitality news and stories all summed up for you. For even more updates, make sure to follow our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Until next time, have a wonderful, sunny weekend!


Industry News

Hotels Catch Up to OTA Best Practices with TrustYou’s Review Marketing Solutions:

Our successful partnership with NH Hotel Group proved the correlation between Review Marketing solutions and increased revenue. The world-leading urban hotel operator, with almost 400 hotels in its portfolio, noted a considerable increase in the website traffic, conversions and ultimately, revenue, after mimicking OTA typical behavior through the TrustYou features. The NH Hotel Group integrated the TrustYou Marketing module, in the form of Meta-Review and Rich Snippets features, with the end goal to increase visibility and traffic for all their branded hotels, across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. By making use of OTA-booking best practices, the hotel group saw results in a short period of time, proving that proper review marketing results in increased revenue. Check out the press release for more details.

Asking for reviews reaps positive results for hotels:

This week, findings from our latest white paper were shared on Tnooz, emphasizing on how requested reviews result in positive feedback. Soliciting reviews during or after the journey can also foster positive feedback and ratings, and support reputation management by balancing any negative reviews left online by disgruntled guests. When a review is requested by an accommodation provider, guests are 3.6x times more likely to leave a review. Reviews requested are also 16% more likely to be “extremely positive” five-star reviews. More than 96% of reviews solicited by hoteliers received positive replies. After price, review score is a key driver of bookings. In large part, this is due to the filtering feature of online booking platforms since 88% of travelers sort out hotel scores under three stars; 33% of travelers filter to see hotels with four-star ratings or higher.

Hotelchamp builds out platform for hotels through third-party services:

Hotel booking specialist and partner of ours Hotelchamp is planning to make more third-party services available to clients through its platform. The Amsterdam-based company works with hotels to help them increase their direct online bookings from consumers and to improve the customer service offered to travellers during the online process. The company, which was set up in 2015, has just integrated a range of technology services to its platform, including hotel rates intelligence from OTA Insight, our own guest feedback platform, reviews analyst Customer Alliance, LiveChat and HotJar, which specialises in web and mobile site visitor analytics. We can only say that we are excited to be part of such a great initiative and have a fruitful partnership with Hotelchamp!


Trends and Insights

When APAC shoppers abandon their online travel booking:

The vast majority of consumers in the Asia Pacific region are abandoning their online travel bookings at the checkout stage, despite the region leading the world in making online bookings on mobile devices. Analysis of 58 million customer sessions, carried out by marketing company Ve Global over a 16-month period, found that 92% of all bookings in the APAC region were abandoned at checkout. APAC’s online travel agencies saw the highest rate of booking abandonment at 95.5%, while the figures were only slightly better for direct channels: hotels (90.4%), airlines (91.6%) and vehicle hire companies (88.9%).

Exclusive experiences rank highest with luxury travelers:

A recent survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group reveals that luxury travelers are most interested in exclusive access and experiences, particularly VIP tours, private cars and drivers, and customized culinary experiences. These findings were taken from the annual Travel Trends Survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group, one of North America's largest travel agency companies, encompassing thousands of travel agents across the continent including luxury travel advisors from Protravel International and Tzell Travel, part of Travel Leaders Luxury Brands. The survey also found the top three international destinations among luxury travelers to be European (river) cruising, Caribbean cruising, and Italy, with European/Mediterranean cruising and Mexico rounding out the top five.

New SiteMinder Study: Google, TripAdvisor and Brand.com Equally Important to Driving Direct Hotel Bookings:

Hoteliers deem Google, TripAdvisor and their own Brand.com website as equally successful to driving direct bookings, according to a new report from the global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, SiteMinder. The finding is one of many in SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Business Index 2018: What are the key drivers on a hotelier’s path to success?, which surveyed more than 550 hoteliers from both independent hotels and hotel groups around the world on their key focuses and expected drivers of success for the upcoming year. According to the research, Google, TripAdvisor and hotel websites are considered to be the three most equally-effective ways to drive direct bookings in 2018, surpassing social media advertising and online travel agencies (via the Billboard Effect process).



Microsoft’s travel manifesto:

Microsoft engaged a dozen technology companies, supplier partners and like-minded travel buyers to join its team for a corporate travel innovation summit to map a vision of the corporate travel future. The manifesto asserts that the future of managed travel depends on providing the right traveler experience, not just for employee satisfaction purposes but also for the best operational efficiencies. Corporations "cannot realize the full value of [travel] without owning the traveler as a customer and truly partnering with suppliers to define and deliver the optimal experience," the authors wrote. Putting the traveler first, however, will disrupt longstanding technologies and commercial relationships, particularly at the level of the travel management company and global distribution system.

Fighting back with technology: 10 tips for independent hotels to compete:

How can small independent hotels, with limited resources, survive in the world of hospitality where the big are getting bigger and the small are being eaten up? “Technology is the answer,” says Jack Tan of IdeaWeaver Consulting, who shared 10 tips at the recent WIT Indie in Penang on how independents need to get smarter with technology. Here are the recommended technologies and strategies: having a mobile responsive website; promotions and rate parity; being Instagram-able; not wasting money on apps; using technology that is currently in the hotel; using smart TVs as sales tools; digital room controls; the usage of robotics, VR and AR; using sustainable products. Check out the extended post for more insights.

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