What’s the True Impact of Bad (Or Great) Services? Now You Know With TrustYou Impact Scores

Travel reviews are essential to a hotel’s prosperity. Reviews can have a cascading effect: positive reviews bring travelers and their positive reviews bring more travelers. Negative reviews, obviously, discourage travelers, and when problems aren’t fixed, those travelers who were undeterred by negative comments, write more negative reviews. But how do hotels know which repairs to make? What will really effect change when it comes to guest service and improving reviews?


Identifying what is and is not working can be a complicated task. Not every complaint deserves the same level of attention when it comes to repairs, and identifying which problem areas do deserve attention can vary from hotel to hotel as we have found while developing Impact Scores.



Impact Scores, a new element of TrustYou Analytics, show hotels which complaints or praises have the greatest impact on their review scores. For instance, when guests write negatively about categories with the greatest “negative impact,” they tend to give lower review scores. Not only that, but Impact Scores show exactly how much the hotels review scores will drop with negative mentions of each of these categories (for example, a negative impact score of -0.3 for the hotel’s bathroom means that negative mentions about the bathroom will result in a 0.3% drop in overall scores). This tells a hotel which issues to address to improve overall guest satisfaction.


The “positive impact” categories show hotels which areas their guests value most. Giving equal attention to the categories with the highest positive impact scores means hotels can generate more of the highest review ratings.


A complex mathematical model allows us to isolate positive and negative impact categories based on the market as well as the individual hotel. So, for instance, a hotel in Manhattan may be judged more harshly on a poorly designed bathroom, while a resort hotel in Florida may see more negative impact when the swimming pool isn’t up to snuff. 
The benefits of understanding Impact Scores go beyond improved guest service and the resulting improved scores. Hotels become more efficient at handling service or facilities issues when it’s clear which ones matter most. And when better reviews arrive, hotels can harness those positive reviews to influence their web presence with TrustYou Stars. We’ll save that conversation for another day, but hop on over here, when your hotel is ready to improve its online reputation.