TrustYou’s Top 5: The Best Designed Hotels Around The World

Let’s be honest: no one books a hotel blindfolded and basic rooms with outdated furniture just don’t cut it anymore. Saying that hospitality is competitive is an understatement and travelers have a huge amount of options to chose from when it comes to hotels and overall accommodations. A lot of the times, the booking decision is based on visuals. Think about it: when was the last time you booked a stay at a place without checking the pictures first?

It’s no wonder that, in what seems to quickly become a saturated market, many hotels are now striving to set themselves apart from the crowd. Very often, this is done through interior design, as well as through other methods, that we talked about in our latest eBook: Branding Without The Brand Name – An independent Hoteliers Guide To Building Brand Value.


It is said that the first impression is more accurate and has a bigger impact on the mind than after being exposed to a product a longer period of time. Images in general and especially the ones of interior design are the most eye-catching and visually striking features that a hotel can market. When going on a vacation, travelers usually want to have the comfort of home, but a different design and vibe. They want to actually feel like they are somewhere different, somewhere exciting. Of course, most travelers don’t book a vacation in order to spend their entire stay indoors, but whatever activities they chose to enjoy, at the end of the day, everyone wants to come back to a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing room.

Millennials and generations Z’ers especially, are constantly looking for different and innovative concepts and for them, basic has zero appeal. It’s important for hoteliers to adapt to the newer generations and strive to meet their expectations, which are rather high.

Design is something that most hoteliers emphasize on these days and it’s one of the features that they market through visuals and innovative concepts. In our database, we noticed many hotels, from all over the world, that went out of their way to make sure that their design is outstanding and the effort they put in certainly paid off.

Based on the average of architecture, the design vibe, the modern vibe and the boutique hotel scores, we selected 5 hotels from different locations, that set an example on what displaying an excellent design actually means. Please take note that we didn’t focus on branded luxury hotels, from highly-popular and/or exotic destinations, since they are usually enforced by a more complex background and a bigger budget. Instead, we wanted to show how smaller hotels from all over the world can stand out from the crowd by using interior design and modern touches.


G Design Hotel, Ljubljana – This beautiful, 22 room hotel from Slovenia’s capital city, has a score of 4.8 on Google and judging by the pictures, we can surely say there is a strong reason behind that. G Design Hotel might not have a big capacity, but luxury is present at literally every corner. The 4-star hotel has a 94.36 TrustScore and scores 100 at Designer Vibe, Boutique Hotel Score Architecture Score and Modern Vibe. Not bad, right? We checked out their photo gallery and we were not disappointed by the clean grey and white halls, the glass accents, the modern, abstract lightening pieces and the comfy rooms, with diverse, luxurious tapestry. Also, the bathrooms are spacious, which is always a plus and if you are anything like us and appreciate the importance of a good bathroom, you will love the chromatically-pleasing details. Not overcrowding, but definitely noticeable.  


Biohotel Organic Suites – Moving on to South America, this Colombian organic hotel offers a dream stay for any traveler who is concerned about the environment. The eco-friendly accommodation has 72 rooms and a TrustScore of 92.17, which is saying a lot. It also gets 100 points on the Designer Vibe Score, the Architecture Score, and the Modern Vibe one. Clean modernly-designed rooms with green accents, lots of natural light and huge bathtubs are just a few of the reasons why you should book a few night here. Guests can also enjoy organic food, a beautiful spa facility, and a rooftop pool, with amazing city views.


Palazzo Viceconte Hotel – When in Italy, you are surrounded by history, art and overall good old-fashion taste. The architecture is outstanding and every corner or every street deserves to be immortalized in photos, so why not wake up every morning in that artsy, regal mood? Palazzo Viceconte Hotel is a historic building, with a regal vibe to it and it has a 93.98 TrustScore. It also checks the 100 point mark on the Designer Vibe Score, the Architecture Score and the Modern Vibe score. The rooms are decorated with antique furniture, without lacking comfort though. You can also enjoy an internal courtyard and a collection of artwork and paintings ranging from the 17th century to the 20th. Staying at Palazzo Viceconte Hotel is like staying in a museum while having the comfort and luxury desired. And did we mention that it’s located in the Matera Sassi UNESCO site area? Talk about impressing views.


Hotel The Serras – Only 12 rooms, but we’re talking quality over quantity here. This hotel is waiting for you in gorgeous Barcelona and it promises not to disappoint because every single picture of Hotel The Serras and its interior would make Gaudi proud. With a TrustScore of 95.85, the hotel checks off the scores mentioned before by 100 and they certainly seem to be well-deserved. At Hotel The Serras, guests can enjoy a modern architecture with clean, simple, mostly black and white rooms, but with accent pieces, geometrical details and pops of color. Also, the rooms have beautiful, Spanish balconies and travelers can have their meals on a romantic, modern rooftop with gorgeous views of the equally gorgeous city. The wanderlust is strong with this one, that’s for sure.


Hotel Grano De Oro – No less than exactly what you’d expect from such a lush destination as San Jose, Costa Rica. A beautiful historic building, with an impressive tropical Victorian architecture and classic interior design, all surrounded by luxuriant vegetation. 39 rooms with wood decor, big, comfy beds, and fresh, green views are ready to be enjoyed. The restaurant is focused around Costa Rican and European cuisine, so culinary diversity is not an issue. Besides, guests can make the most out of their stay by relaxing in the outdoor jacuzzi tubs and the beautiful courtyard. This upscale boutique hotel has a TrustScore of 92.74 and it is also on top when it comes to the Designer Vibe Score, the Architecture Score, and the Modern Vibe score, all of them being of 100.