The Top 10 Best Places to Stay in NYC Over the Holidays

Each year, New York City transforms itself into a holiday wonderland; its storefronts are the subject of movies and it’s Christmas Tree is world renowned. And despite Christmas Creep seemingly taking over before trick or treaters have inventoried their Halloween haul, the holiday season really kicks off in New York City with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

For those folks looking to take in the parade, from marching bands and Woody Woodpecker, through to the iconic visit from Santa Claus, identifying the best places to stay in NYC can be intimidating. After all, New York City has nearly 300 hotels to choose from. 

At TrustYou, it is our mission to improve the travel experience, from finding the right hotel, to having the perfect stay. Therefore, we’ve gone into the world’s largest database of hotel reviews to extract the best places to stay based on hotel rating and popularity. TrustYou’s TrustScore is a comprehensive hotel rating that is currently displayed on over 100 travel sites, including Google, KAYAK, and Travelers across the world use our TrustScores to make booking decisions, as it is a key indicator of an ideal hotel stay. Based on this TrustScore, we are able to provide recommendations to travelers.

 Without further ado, here are the top 10 best places to stay in NYC for the 2016 holiday season (in no particular order):

The average TrustScore for these 10 hotels was 4.7/5, which is considered an “Excellent” rating. Our TrustScores are based on data found in online reviews. Each week, we aggregate and analyze more than 3 million new reviews for 500,000 hotels worldwide. 

As of today (November 8, 2016), each of these highly rated hotels in our top 10 list had some availability for Thanksgiving. But don’t wait to book if you’re planning to see the Big Apple for Turkey Day. Most hotels are known to sell out!